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Can anyone direct me to where I can buy seedlings for fresh herbs such as thyme, rosemary and basil?

started by: Skippy-895416 · last update: 1366036123 · posted: 1366036123

What would be the best place to go for pancakes?

started by: MelanyB · last update: 1365619286 · posted: 1363789814

Can anyone point me where I can buy corn and flour tortillas? Though I know there are already recipes in making these from scratch, I just want to save time and use store bought ones. Anyone knows where I can find them? Thanks!

started by: fleur-895422 · last update: 1365237982 · posted: 1364819814

Help! A recipe I was making called for sour cream and I saw a product called "Saure Sahne" and thought I found it! After all "Saure" is translated to "sour" and "Sahne" is translated to "cream". But to my disappointment, it wasn't. What do you call sour cream in Germany?

started by: rockstar-895434 · last update: 1365086083 · posted: 1365079585

Hi all. My wife wants to learn how to cook authentic Indian food. Does anyone know of any classes being offered?

started by: MrsTuff · last update: 1364812546 · posted: 1364308705

I'll be having some friends over in summer and want to impress them with my culinary skills. Since this would be their very first trip here in Berlin, I would like to give them a taste of the local cuisine. What would you consider to be the most famous German food?

started by: Skippy-895416 · last update: 1364037182 · posted: 1364037182

Had a sudden craving for Cadbury Easter eggs. Anyone know what store can I find some?

started by: Reeta-895419 · last update: 1363959881 · posted: 1363862435

What Italian restaurant serves the best pasta in Berlin?

started by: MelanyB · last update: 1363090537 · posted: 1363090537

Does anyone know of a store that sells organic foods and does deliveries?

started by: sleepyhead-895426 · last update: 1362920332 · posted: 1362920332

This would be our first Easter here in Berlin. Can anyone share some German Easter recipes?

started by: Twinkletoes-895387 · last update: 1362404273 · posted: 1361878007

A colleague of mine arrived recently and is on the lookout for brown sugar. Can anyone help?

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I noticed that our neighborhood lidl is open until 21:00, is that the same everywhere in Berlin? I'm lov'n it, makes my life easier.

started by: MMonroe · last update: 1353192573 · posted: 1352907805

Does anyone know where I can find a whole turkey? I'm planning to do Thanksgiving this year, I haven't had any luck finding one in my local grocery store.

started by: fluffy-873736 · last update: 1350593890 · posted: 1350413242

Do you know where i can leanr Bodrán?

started by: Drew2U · last update: 1346663255 · posted: 1346242063

I am baking a cake for a friend's bday and the recipe calls for Baking Soda, which I can't seem to find the stores labeled as such. Anyone know what the equivalent leavening agent would be called in German? Drew

started by: CarterUSM-338224 · last update: 1343647973 · posted: 1311093437

Hi Can anyone recommend a bar (cocktail or otherwise) with a panoramic view of the city? We’d prefer one on the western side of Berlin, but all suggestions are welcome. Many thanks in anticipation.

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Hello everybody! I'm seeking a cookery professional school/courses in Berlin (in english).Can anybody give some suggestion...please?Thanks in advance...and have a nice day! Gabriella

started by: HandA-338348 · last update: 1315685624 · posted: 1315593140

Do they have orange squash (the type you dilute with water) in German supermarkets and, if so, what do we ask for in German?

started by: CarterUSM-338224 · last update: 1311928782 · posted: 1311094001

Hi Can anyone recommend a beer garden in the west of the city (preferably Charlottenburg/Westend, but anywhere will do) which isn’t too touristy or exorbitant, and which offers reasonably priced food? Many thanks in anticipation.

started by: LennyS · last update: 1306483642 · posted: 1305881572

I've just noticed I need some corn syrup for a recipe and have no idea if you can get it here - anyone know where or if not what I can use as a substitute?

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