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I am quite new to the city and wondered if anywhere offers meal deal vouchers similar to the ones you get in the UK for places like pizza express e.g. 2 for 1 meals or other discounts. Do any places offer happy hours or something similar. Would love to go out more but need to stretch my finances at the mo.

started by: Ringo-337869 · last update: 1297239698 · posted: 1297239698

Can anyone recomend a nice cosy restaurant for a valentines date?

started by: Sparks-337026 · last update: 1289981441 · posted: 1289808393

Can anyone recommend a restaurant with decent vegetarian options - not just a snack type place but somewhere suitable for a special occasion?

started by: RoKo-336019 · last update: 1287995180 · posted: 1287995180

I'd like to find a couple of places to go eat which are a bit above the usual night out. I have some friends coming from London who work in the city and I would like to show them the best berlin has to offer - any suggestions as to where I can take them?

started by: Mimi-332425 · last update: 1282062757 · posted: 1282062757

I love blackberries (brambles as my nan used to call them!) and wondered if anyone knows of anywhere in and around Berlin where you can find them ? I would also be interested in other fruits too - seen them in the forests?

started by: Yorkshirelass-332884 · last update: 1278922403 · posted: 1278665495

Came across this the other day and thought others might like to know that Amazon now sells groceiries online and they deliver in Berlin the same day if you order before 11am. Sadly no English products as yet - or none that I could find. If anyone else does please post and let me know - I just looked in the countries section! http://www.amazon.de/b/ref=gw_gno_groc?ie=UTF8&node=340846031&pf_rd_p=207087207&pf_rd_s=left-nav-2&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_i=301128&pf_rd_m=A3JWKAKR8XB7XF&pf_rd_r=0TNRQFY226VZ7E1ZVJRM

started by: Emy-337171 · last update: 1277969764 · posted: 1277749316

Is there a good (I mean with lots of varity) Asian grocery store around the centre of Berlin or closeby?

started by: chinagirl-336581 · last update: 1277381588 · posted: 1261560725

Whats trhe easiest way to cook and prep chestnuts?

started by: Paco-336490 · last update: 1277380318 · posted: 1268748722

I'm sick of going to the same old haunts - recomendations for somewhere that does a really good breakfast/brunch to savour on a weekend with the sunday papers...

started by: Sara-332419 · last update: 1274952857 · posted: 1274863087

Has anyone got a good recipe for hummus - I've tried to make it but it just tastes like sawdust!

started by: honchoponcho · last update: 1274948942 · posted: 1274948942

I moved to Berlin a few months ago and I live in Kreuzberg so I'm still finding new places and enjoying my voyage of discovery around this beautiful city! I came across the beer garden in victoria park recently and wondered what else the city has to offer in the way of cafes/pubs etc. with gardens or in park surroundings. I have my pass and am willing to venture wherever the spirit takes me - please give me some recommendations for such places!

started by: Sara-332419 · last update: 1272967376 · posted: 1268599453

Is there anywhere which sells French groceries in Berlin which might have "black flour" farine de ble noir for making savoury crepes?I bought some on a trip to France last year, but have used it all up. thanks Sara

started by: Yokohoyo · last update: 1270456157 · posted: 1262779242

Whats your favourite supermarket over here and why? Do you tend to get everything in one place in one go, or shop for different things in different stores?

started by: Mimi-332425 · last update: 1265359048 · posted: 1264409313

Does anyone deliver organic vegetable bags in Berlin? My folk get one in the UK every week from a local company in the Dales and I think it's a great idea. I do go to my local bioladen but end up probably buying less than I would like because of lugging it home and up several flights of stairs.

started by: Con4ma · last update: 1265272604 · posted: 1264581283

I really fancy going out for Mexican food can anyone recommend a restaurant?

started by: Jez-336732 · last update: 1264409555 · posted: 1263678480

I come from Birmingham and am used to the best but surely there must be somewhere here that does a really good authentic Indian curry in Berlin?Most of the places I've visited seem to be more for German taste and basically too mild compared to English curries. I really miss those fab little curry houses down Ladypool road.... surely there is somewhere out there!!

started by: dianawetzel · last update: 1262596594 · posted: 1262535253

Are there any cookery classes in English in Berlin ?

started by: jammydodger-336360 · last update: 1260792560 · posted: 1260437989

Anyone got a recipe for these?

started by: Bunky B-332242 · last update: 1259527919 · posted: 1259527919

A small group of us (8-10) fancy going out for a meal before Christmas but would like somewhere with good food and live entertainment if poss - recommendations please (central if poss). Thanks.

started by: bluejean-336612 · last update: 1259309899 · posted: 1259135797

Can anyone recommend a good veggie restaurant or a restaurant with a decent selection of veggie options in the Kreuzberg / F-hain area. I'm veggie not vegan and looking to go somewhere different with a group of friends (some veggies, some not).

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