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I'm so proud that Germany has stepped up and taken the lead on receiving refugees from the Middle East. Is Germany going to take the most of any European nation or are they gong to be divided equally between all member states?


Percy-10044605 1442488243

I agree. Europe (and in particular those nations that sponsored uprisings) should take the majority of the burden. These poor souls are running for their lives.

Wallito 1442566034

The trouble is, what sort of message is Germany sending to those thinking about making life threatening trips across the Mediterranean by pledging  to take 800,000?

Just sayin...

Mooveestaar 1443040162

I think it's painting a very good image of Europe as a liberal, Christian continent that welcomes victims of war with open arms.

Harry Upski 1443097324

Is it not just a symptom of guilt for having contributed to starting it in the firs place? 

What's the difference between Europe's role in North Africa and Russia's in the Crimea? I put it to you, that there's very little.

Kartoffelkopf 1443704099

There is undoubtably a sense of responsibility resounding throughout the European nations. Not just because of any political impact they may have had but also because its the humanitarian thing to do.

German should be congratulated on taking a lead in this.

And as for Germany sending out messages to encourage those to risk theri lives, well, staying in a war torn country is risking your life too!

Harry Upski 1443782911

At least Russia are involved in contributing to it now with airstrikes.

All these governments are as bad as one another it would seem.

Mooveestaar 1444296484

Whatever the cause, I think that it's amazing that Germany is going to take up to 1.5 million refugees. Merkel for a Nobel Peace Prize?

Partridge 1444390636

I was reading that she's coming under increasing pressure to stem the flow. I personally don't think that a very public open door policy is particularly good for Germany. It could lead to some serious social strains.

Percival-10044606 1448575037

I feel sorry for the villages that have been swamped in the south of the country. I put myself in the same position and it makes me feel very sad.

Harry Upski 1448890174

We have a moral duty in Europe to help the people whose lifes we have contributed to detroying. Albeit as individuals we had little to no involvement but our governements are accountable. It's sad that we, as the lowly citizens, pay the price EG Paris and Aeroflot.

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