started by: Irah Maggs · last update: 1413973197 · posted: 1413554037

Hi all. A friend will coming to Berlin end of the year and she'd like to know if the Working Holiday Visa allows multiple entries into Germany? Will she be able to explore different countries and come and go within the visa period?  Thanks in advance.

started by: WilliamEvans · last update: 1413817195 · posted: 1413644750

Hi everyone. Quick question: how long does it take to get a work permit in Germany? Are there agencies that can help me with the process or at least do it on my behalf? All replies will be greatly appreciated.

started by: Irah Maggs · last update: 1413543132 · posted: 1413374891

Does anyone know of an indoor pool that we can rent for a day?

started by: gummybear-924269 · last update: 1412957416 · posted: 1412771968

Looking for a company that does professional printing service; any recommendations?

started by: JessicaS · last update: 1412843971 · posted: 1412684331

Has anyone having trouble logging to this site for the past few days like me? And once I have logged in, the site seems slow. But today seems to be a good improvement. 

started by: Chike-951063 · last update: 1412337255 · posted: 1412334621

How long will the festival in Bradenburg Gate last?

started by: Rachelle Mae · last update: 1412266296 · posted: 1396969224

I am in need of a good and reliable private investigator for a friend. I've tried searching at the directory but none came up. Can anyone recommend a good one?

started by: MsCupcake · last update: 1411991231 · posted: 1411567453

How does one get rid of tyres here in Berlin?

started by: the_shyguy-924255 · last update: 1411748857 · posted: 1410448677

Anybody planning on preordering iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus? 

started by: Anna Mei · last update: 1411209607 · posted: 1410023921

Hi. Can anyone give an advice on how to get rid of an old furniture?

started by: johnnybgood-895433 · last update: 1410962006 · posted: 1410869721

Good news guys!  Belushi's Berlin is now having Beer Pong every Wednesday night! Spread the word!

started by: Mary Kaye · last update: 1410788815 · posted: 1410347604

I'd like to join an English women's book club and start meeting other people as well. Preferably in Central Berlin or nearby areas please.

started by: Mrs Grohl · last update: 1410784058 · posted: 1410784058

Hi!  Could someone recommend a travel agency that has good deals to Australia. They have to speak English as my German is pretty bad.  Thanks!

started by: SarahG-895414 · last update: 1410781442 · posted: 1410432231

This is indeed a wonderful news, I remember back when it happened they said he would never recover from this. Never give up. http://bit.ly/1ux9sJM

started by: Carmen A · last update: 1410531654 · posted: 1410531654

Can anyone point me where I can buy helium balloons?

started by: MsCupcake · last update: 1410523790 · posted: 1410523790

Any knitting circle in Prenzlauer Berg?

started by: Sophie-951057 · last update: 1410016141 · posted: 1396621207

Hi all. Does anyone have a suggestion on a company that do cargo shipping from the US to Berlin?

started by: SeanG · last update: 1410015672 · posted: 1409673770

does anyone know where I could purchase a desktop publishing software? maybe a microsoft publisher.

started by: Irah Maggs · last update: 1409839523 · posted: 1409399204

Has anyone seen that tree in the corner of Kollwitzstraße that has books in it? What's it for?

started by: hmmmm · last update: 1409574866 · posted: 1409239144

I am looking to pursue a Master's degree here in Berlin. What universities and institute would you suggest? 

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