started by: Berlina1 · last update: 1439379915 · posted: 1439196775

Did anyone else see that the Hertha Berlin football team bus was shot at the other day over in Bielefeld. What was the motive?

started by: Leila-924266 · last update: 1438358632 · posted: 1430234599

Can anyone suggest a nice shop where I can buy a silk saree or a place where I can buy nice fabrics?Thanks in advance.

started by: Rachelle Mae · last update: 1437643750 · posted: 1433592791

Where do you go for a good exchange rate? Banks any good?

started by: LyraBerlin · last update: 1437475370 · posted: 1436692557

Any recommendations for a good (& good value) removals company or package delivery service to transport some framed pictures (& around two suitcases worth of other items) from London to Berlin?   Thanks in advance for your advice.

started by: Anna Mei · last update: 1436956787 · posted: 1435334995

Can anyone recommend someone who does home theater system repairs in Mitte?

started by: the_shyguy-924255 · last update: 1436878386 · posted: 1435161123

Looking for some nice galleries around Berlin, preferably on modern art. Any suggestions?

started by: LyraBerlin · last update: 1436867392 · posted: 1436691705

Would be great to discuss sharing a lift from London to Berlin if so. Thanks in advance.  

started by: Pete Mayer · last update: 1436691337 · posted: 1434119123

A friend is in need of a good wedding photographer in Prenzlauer Berg. Anyone got good recommendations?

started by: PierreT · last update: 1436554180 · posted: 1423999308

Looking for a shared office in Mitte or nearby with  phone and internet access.

started by: littlelady-984847 · last update: 1435159628 · posted: 1433507038

Hi. Question for all bakers ou there. I recently used olive oil for my carrot cake and it tasted olive oil (pardon me, first time baker here). What type of oil do you use on your cakes?

started by: Leila-924266 · last update: 1435156569 · posted: 1435156569

Does anyone know of any short hand typing course being offered here?

started by: Seaprincess · last update: 1435071282 · posted: 1434123212

Anyone knows where to gey a treadmill repaired?

started by: grandmama · last update: 1435071160 · posted: 1434548924

Looking for a good butcher near the Charlottenburg area. Any suggestions?

started by: pixieduster · last update: 1434988751 · posted: 1434988751

Can anyone recommend an oculist?

started by: Cathy Harris · last update: 1434985033 · posted: 1434466331

Any recommendations for a shop that can customize jewelery?

started by: dirndloutlet · last update: 1434383359 · posted: 1434139013

Where do you like to buy? Online or traditional outlet shopping? Which one is more convenient, easy and cheapest?

started by: AryaStark · last update: 1434010868 · posted: 1407507297

Would anyone know where in Berlin to have my iPhone 5 screen fixed for a reasonable price?

started by: Guest_in_Berlin · last update: 1433952526 · posted: 1432312977

What type of apps (for both Android and Apple) do you find really helpful?

started by: Guest_in_Berlin · last update: 1433881468 · posted: 1433343952

Looking for an affordable Adobe Suite Classes preferably in English; any recommendations?

started by: FlappyBird · last update: 1433253634 · posted: 1432731238

Anyone knows where to hire a mechanical bull for a private party?

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