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Does anybody know a fast translation service that will do a one and a half page document from English to Russian ASAP?

started by: Cocolee · last update: 1432918155 · posted: 1431366050

What are Germany's regulation on building renovations, ie, step by step process, certifications, etc? Is  it the same as in UK?

started by: greenthumb-984855 · last update: 1432915079 · posted: 1432046945

Where can I buy large moving boxes? Needs new ones. And also some bubble wraps.

started by: Ben Green · last update: 1432836193 · posted: 1431702318

Are the bricks sold on tourist shops ARE really from the Berlin wall?

started by: Chris Philippe · last update: 1432737473 · posted: 1432561434

Any recommendations on where to learn Spanish in the shortest time possible?

started by: Darrel C · last update: 1432737326 · posted: 1432142237

Do you give tips on massages? Thinking of getting one and I am unsure if it's okay or not.

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Any one knows where I can buy these?

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Any recommendations for a good English speaking barber? 

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I am looking for a nice cafe with WiFi within P-Berg. Any recommendations?

started by: Kristoffer-984857 · last update: 1432134062 · posted: 1432134062

Any one knows where I can buy these?

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Where can I buy an LP player?

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The news about the recent Nepal earthquake is heartbreaking. In a country void of many things other people take for granted, my prayers goes out to all the victims and their families.

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Any English book sales anywhere?

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It's back! With more new stalls! Definitely a must try. http://biteclub.de/

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Anyone got recommendations on where to get tshirts printed custom printed?

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Has anyone seen glow in the dark pens and paints?

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Has anyone tried Make A Break game in Friedrichshain? How was your experience? http://www.make-a-break.de/

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Planning to have a spa party for a hen's night. Any recommendations for a good company that can accomodate about 20 people?

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Mayweather doing what he does best - win by points. Do no damage.  Jamie Foxx's performance was awful.  

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My wife and I would like to explore the Spree forest.  Where do you recommend for us to go?

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