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Where can I buy a cheap guest bed from? I don't want to pay more than €50. An inflatable bed would also do if the quality is better than a swimming lilo!

started by: Magpie-332348 · last update: 1190106440 · posted: 1189774514

Any advice on connecting to the Internet - who offers the best deals for the short term, don't want to commit to long contract.

started by: Magpie-332348 · last update: 1189774264 · posted: 1189591470

Can anyone recommend a good place to buy spices for curries and my favourite of all - paneer ! Are there any Indian restaurants in Berlin which serve vegetarian dishes with paneer?

started by: Sally J-332243 · last update: 1189109069 · posted: 1189109069

Can anyone recommend somewhere for a pedicure - not too expensive, preferably somewhere with natural products? Also, does anywhere do Indian head massages?

started by: tigger-332264 · last update: 1189090711 · posted: 1185286541

Is it good? I loved them when I first saw Tubes back in the early 90s but I kind of forgot all about them (sorry guys) and just now this moment I saw in the What's on there's a show running till September http://berlin.angloinfo.com/information/whatsontoday.asp Any idea if it's worth it? And still "clean" enough for kids? &lt1;i&gt1;Tiggers don't like honey&lt1;/i&gt1;

started by: Helga-332221 · last update: 1188638251 · posted: 1188220594

Can someone explain how the Health System works, I assume you have to have a 'top up' insurance like you do in Holland and France?

started by: Starman-332322 · last update: 1188637812 · posted: 1188295047

I'm leaving Berlin soon and wonder do you really have to de-register with the police. I mean, do they come looking for you or get you next time you come back????? Seems like a waste of time to bother. Any advice???

started by: Petra-332238 · last update: 1187683464 · posted: 1185959022

Can someone recommend a place to go Wine Tasting, prefably on a public transport route!

started by: doa-332270 · last update: 1187683163 · posted: 1187192284

Coming to Berlin 1st week of Sept for 5 days, can anyone give me an indication as to the temperatures likely to experience at this time. I thought the U.K and Berlin were similar,but just seen on Ai that its 27 there and 17 here in U.K. many thanks dean ;)

started by: Petra-332238 · last update: 1187086898 · posted: 1186606762

I have heard there is an bike tour round the centre of Berlin in English, can someone give me more information?

started by: Petra-332238 · last update: 1186181446 · posted: 1184935594

I used them in Holland, are they in Berlin?

started by: denise bowman · last update: 1185542055 · posted: 1185303683

hello, I've recently moved to Berlin and want to do a german language course. Can anyone recommend a good, reasonably priced school. I live in Kreutsburg and don't want to travel too far, thanks, Denise Denise B

started by: Rollymo-332269 · last update: 1185468995 · posted: 1185468995

I am moving to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern at the beginning of September and will be returning to the Uk via France with an empty 7.5t and a Luton Transit. Does anyone know where I may be able to get a return load from to help reduce the cost? Many thanks Rollymo

started by: Petra-332238 · last update: 1185109910 · posted: 1184099716

Help! A friend has found out she's pregnant, she's scared stiff about having a baby in Germany ~ can anyone give her some help and advice please

started by: Helga-332221 · last update: 1185109697 · posted: 1184956824

I will be buying 2 mobile phones for my 2 kids who are starting at Senior School in September, anyone have any tips on which phone deal would be a good one?

started by: sunshine-332245 · last update: 1184956928 · posted: 1183710541

Hi can anyone recommend a really good hairdresser for curly hair who speaks good English?

started by: Petra-332238 · last update: 1184941479 · posted: 1184881521

Which school would you recommend for 2 children who are studying for their IB?

started by: Helga-332221 · last update: 1184920825 · posted: 1184790574

In September I want to improve my German, can some one tell me of a teacher who could give me lessons for conversational German rather than grammar. Thanks x

started by: Eric-332223 · last update: 1184571084 · posted: 1184503266

Am I right in thinking you can drive from 18 not 17 here in Germany?

started by: rain bow-332219 · last update: 1184226971 · posted: 1181342011

WELCOME ANGLO INFO to GERMANY : ))))))))))))) We've just moved to Germany from France, where we wouldn't have survived without A.I. so we are ecstatic to find it here too!! Can't wait for the NRW site to open, as we live in Bonn!

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