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It's a girl! Congrats to Prince William and Princess Kate!

started by: Seaprincess · last update: 1430762560 · posted: 1430388207

Hi. Any suggestion on where to get quality prints for photos that won't break the bank?

started by: SnowWhite-951051 · last update: 1429905850 · posted: 1429782568

A friend's daughter willbe getting married on June and is looking for a budget friendly photographer. Anybody got some recommendations?

started by: Kristoffer-984857 · last update: 1429895495 · posted: 1429625583

Where to best buy a queen or king sized mattress?

started by: Suzanne A. · last update: 1429616962 · posted: 1429281055

Can anyone point me what churches does mass sevices in English on Sundays?

started by: the_shyguy-924255 · last update: 1429539481 · posted: 1429012197

Any recommendations on where to rent speed boats?

started by: Drew Wedgewood · last update: 1429539220 · posted: 1428668751

A friend is looking to purchase a large truck for a business. Any recommendations n where to get a good deal?

started by: Guest_in_Berlin · last update: 1429539101 · posted: 1429019323

I am looking for a company that can provide a unique corporate teambuilding program. Any recommendations?

started by: Cocolee · last update: 1429457572 · posted: 1429457572

What universities here in Berlin would you say to be good for foreign atudents?

started by: Katheryn · last update: 1429376168 · posted: 1428501398

Definitely in need of a cleaning lady now. Looking for some recommendations if possible. Someone reliable and trustworthy if possible.

started by: littlelady-984847 · last update: 1429178766 · posted: 1427305077

The cables stopped charging on my iphone 5S. These are genuine cables supplied with the phone. It displays "This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iphone." Any ideas?

started by: littlelady-984847 · last update: 1429178659 · posted: 1423659341

Looking for a tennis coach for my 10 year old son. Anybody knows or can recommend someone?

started by: Anthony Elliot · last update: 1428935825 · posted: 1427820252

A friend of mine had asked this and would like to seek answers from iPad users: Do Apple tablets slow down over time as Android seems to?

started by: Hans Sunny · last update: 1428935670 · posted: 1426593674

Does anybody know why most people are trying to compare Samsung and iPhone mobile eventhough there are better alterntives in Berlin?

started by: MaryPoppins-951052 · last update: 1428665756 · posted: 1428508015

Looking for a consultant to file my taxes. Any recommendations?

started by: Guest_in_Berlin · last update: 1428494283 · posted: 1420727626

Does anyone know of an Arabic tutor or native speaker? 

started by: Mrs Grohl · last update: 1428431979 · posted: 1427838131

Does anyone know where you can buy gold bars in Berlin?

started by: grandmama · last update: 1428311985 · posted: 1428311985

Are banks still closed for today?

started by: grandmama · last update: 1428077663 · posted: 1427367266

Does anyone have an idea how much would the tickets for the concert of 5 Seconds of Summer would cost?

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Looking for Easter egg hunt events in Mitte.. any ideas?

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