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My partner wants to take up horse back riding lessons. Can anyone recommend a good riding school with English instructors?

started by: Cathy Harris · last update: 1425388154 · posted: 1424863561

Help please: how do I sync my S planner on Samsung galaxy with the calendar of Outlook? From a not-so-techie person

started by: rainbowdust · last update: 1425295418 · posted: 1425040734

Im a British female and speak basic German as I visit family there on a semi regular basis. I now want to take the plunge and move to Berlin as a nanny/au pair. I would prefer a live in role but could stay with family if needed. Ive looked on general child care sites but it seems to be a case of paying a fee to contact the few German families. could anyone suggest places Berliners would go to look for a nanny or if there is somewhere I could advertise that would have my intended audience?      

started by: HarryPotter77 · last update: 1425124072 · posted: 1425124072

To all who had been responding to my classified regarding a tennis coach last September 2014, I have already withdrawn the ad as I've opted to delay my training for the moment. Apologies if I have kept anybody waiting for a reply. 

started by: pixieduster · last update: 1424963681 · posted: 1424167229

Does anyone know where I can buy English/French copies of women's magazines such as MarieClaire or Cosmo?

started by: Cathy Harris · last update: 1424946157 · posted: 1423920716

Help please: how can one dispose of electrical appliances that doesn't work? 

started by: Shanti-951050 · last update: 1424869652 · posted: 1424003092

Does anyone have an idea where to buy wooden toys? Would prefer somewhere Prenzlauerberg but can travel if have some really good ones.

started by: captain underpants · last update: 1424702402 · posted: 1423917872

I am looking for a plumber: anybody knows a reliable one? I am located in Mitte.

started by: Hans Solo · last update: 1424696751 · posted: 1424696751

Looking for a hairdresser that can do dreadlocks.

started by: djalex · last update: 1424695563 · posted: 1424695563

A friend is looking for a studio space (she's a practicing yoga teacher). Any recommendations on what website to look ?

started by: Seaprincess · last update: 1424441684 · posted: 1424098141

I'd like to take some French classes as I need it for my job. Can anyone suggest good classes around? Thank you.

started by: Suzanne A. · last update: 1424343969 · posted: 1423818639

Can anyone recommend a kids birthday party organiser or entertainment company?

started by: BritGent-951059 · last update: 1424179736 · posted: 1423834565

Last minute shopping: where to buy heart shaped balloons?

started by: Elizabeth S · last update: 1423992145 · posted: 1423992145

I've been assigned to take charge of a friend's bridal shower and I am looking for a company who can provide homebased spa services. Recommendations will be highly appreciated.

started by: Helena08 · last update: 1423838544 · posted: 1420016728

A friend recently got married and was asking for a shop that preserves wedding dresses. Came up empty on google. Any recommendations?

started by: iana pitt · last update: 1423759744 · posted: 1423506294

Hey there! I moved to Berlin 1 month ago and I am currently searching for a job preferebly part-time.  Do you , or know someone who needs a Nanny? I speak fluently English, Greek and Russian  and some basic German.  Also, any part time job like waitress in a cafe would be fine as well.  Thank you in advance,  Iana 

started by: Kristoffer-984857 · last update: 1423733328 · posted: 1423236325

Needing to have about 100 flyers to be printed. Anybody got recommendation for a shop that can cover this in the shortest time as possible?

started by: Spongebob_squarepants · last update: 1423662324 · posted: 1408455424

Does anyone know of an Excel training course I can attend in Mitte or nearby areas? Can be in English or German.

started by: Cocolee · last update: 1423573752 · posted: 1418217901

Hi. Are there any quilting/sewing/patchwork clubs or any crafting clubs here in Mitte?

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Take a break from all the bad news. Here's a clip of a sheep that thinks he's a dog http://dailym.ai/1KrhQ3j

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