started by: Anthony Elliot · last update: 1423145853 · posted: 1421505913

Are there museums in Berlin where one can enter for free?

started by: Anthony Elliot · last update: 1423054399 · posted: 1422020990

Any recommendations for a good and affordable graphics designer? Need help in designing a simple website.

started by: grandmama · last update: 1422881912 · posted: 1422367029

I'm looking for a shop where I can refill my printer's toners. Any ideas?Thanks!

started by: Kristoffer-984857 · last update: 1421834909 · posted: 1421574883

Sorry if I'll sound dumb but what is a "parkschein"?

started by: the_shyguy-924255 · last update: 1421672267 · posted: 1421496836

Any ideas where can I get a copy of Charlie Hebdo here in Berlin?

started by: DarthVader-924251 · last update: 1421312841 · posted: 1421249558

While some Germans go march due to Charlie Hebdo attack, demand is high in France for the magazine Charlie Hebdo. Is the magazine available on newstands?

started by: Cathy Harris · last update: 1420552523 · posted: 1417611225

How does the system work here in Berlin? Is there a designated place for recycling items or a proper office to channel it to? Appreciate any response.

started by: MrAL · last update: 1420477462 · posted: 1420124876

What does 'Drink like a professional' mean for a German? I was in a conversation with another colleage the other night and I overheard a conversation from an obvious local saying to a foreigner, 'Here, we drink like a professional.'

started by: greenthumb-984855 · last update: 1420407384 · posted: 1419334299

Which is better for lighting, unpressurized or pressurized kerosene based lamps?

started by: MrsTuff · last update: 1420399747 · posted: 1418660009

Anyone knows why do dogs sometimes eat plants?

started by: MrJones-984861 · last update: 1420278181 · posted: 1420278181

A friend is needing a German tutor to help him; he's a beginner but is a quick learner. He can teach English in exchange. For anyone who's interested, you may message me.

started by: MrAL · last update: 1420224017 · posted: 1420050310

To a very prosperous 2015 from me and my family!

started by: greenthumb-984855 · last update: 1420207770 · posted: 1419270580

What are important things to know about importing animals?

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Happy holidays everyone!

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Hi guys, I am looking for information about Master's Degree i Education and like to talk with any teacher/professor em Berlin about some detalis in this subject. Thank you :)

started by: Seaprincess · last update: 1419241399 · posted: 1419241399

I am sure that most of the persons here are already on the holidays. Any suggestions for those staying at Berlin this coming days?

started by: SharonB-984846 · last update: 1419083325 · posted: 1419003944

Does anyone know how long would it take for amazon orders to be delivered? I ordered something from Amazon.co.uk and am wondering if it will get here in time, how can I find out as no tracking details given when I ordered it.

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Sad to hear about the Sydney seige and school bombing in Pakistan. Prayers for the victims and for their families. 

started by: massimo-988487 · last update: 1418746876 · posted: 1418746876

I need play futsal in berlin if there any team want to play just send me massage i play goalkeeper . Thanks

started by: Carmen A · last update: 1418729606 · posted: 1412694299

Attended a wedding in France last week and saw this photobooth where guests can have their photos taken and gets a copy of the photo as souvenir (the newlywed gets a copy too). Just wondering if there is something similar here in Berlin too?

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