started by: massimo-988487 · last update: 1418746876 · posted: 1418746876

I need play futsal in berlin if there any team want to play just send me massage i play goalkeeper . Thanks

started by: Carmen A · last update: 1418729606 · posted: 1412694299

Attended a wedding in France last week and saw this photobooth where guests can have their photos taken and gets a copy of the photo as souvenir (the newlywed gets a copy too). Just wondering if there is something similar here in Berlin too?

started by: littlelady-984847 · last update: 1418729391 · posted: 1416908639

I'm looking for a second hand laptop to work in my personal projects. The cheapest the better of course;  I just need it to work good and not to wait hours to download a file.  Hope someone can help me. Cheers.

started by: pixieduster · last update: 1418206763 · posted: 1418206763

Does anyone know of any Christmas market that still has available spaces for rent? 

started by: My China Eyes · last update: 1418035352 · posted: 1417700690

Are there cosplay events here in Berlin?

started by: Anna Mei · last update: 1417956532 · posted: 1417881974

My prayers goes out to my friends and people of the Philippines as yet another typhoon equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane has made landfall on their country. Stay safe!

started by: Seaprincess · last update: 1417006486 · posted: 1416476465

Anybody knows where I can buy polymer clays? Needing them for a special art project. Would appreciate any help extended, thanks!

started by: SeanG · last update: 1416842687 · posted: 1415980897

I was thinking the other night while walking and thought about the "Wall"... Many of us expatriates have probably toured around the block and took pictures of the Berlin Wall. But has anyone tried to actually explored deeply just for the sake of knowing the beauty of the site and remains which for me is a grandeur on its own?

started by: SharonB-984846 · last update: 1416828214 · posted: 1416485090

New here in Berlin. Do you have Black Friday here in Germany? 

started by: Zzzzz-951064 · last update: 1416404695 · posted: 1415889590

Can anyone recommend a reputable tattoo parlor who does cover ups? Preferably in Mitte or surrounding areas. Thanks.

started by: BritGent-951059 · last update: 1416325256 · posted: 1415538218

A friend is thinking of moving to Berlin. He asked me whether his qualifications as electrician in the UK would help him find work. Does anybody know whether UK electricians are qualified to work as an electrician in Germany?

started by: Persephone-951054 · last update: 1416228946 · posted: 1415786218

Can anyone point me where I can buy raffia fabric in bulk? 

started by: Skippy-895416 · last update: 1415965774 · posted: 1415965774

Has anybody found any job on the employment section on this site? I mean the the Angloinfo Classifieds -> Employment section.

started by: Drew Wedgewood · last update: 1415802126 · posted: 1415107238

Is it safe to download movies from torrent sites?

started by: Mr James · last update: 1415617205 · posted: 1415283205

Any idea how much would it take to rent an office space in Central Berlin? Probably one that would have a small conference room, a restroom and would fit about 3 to 5 workstations.

started by: HarryPotter77 · last update: 1415101609 · posted: 1414512746

Can anyone recommend a reliable and efficient office cleaning service? A friend is in need of one urgently. 

started by: MrsTuff · last update: 1414774073 · posted: 1414774073

Happy Halloween!

started by: Nicole-924277 · last update: 1414441491 · posted: 1405959181

Where and how can one get a morning-after-pill in Berlin? How much does it cost? 

started by: Drew Wedgewood · last update: 1414417797 · posted: 1414160329

Can anyone recommend a nice wedding venue not more than an hour away from central berlin?

started by: Minnie-895420 · last update: 1414081225 · posted: 1412939972

Has anyone seen this competition from AngloInfo and British Corner Shop?  http://berlin.angloinfo.com/competition Winner gets a year of shopping with BCS. Worth trying I guess.  

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