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I want to get my dental problems sorted out. But is it really much cheaper to go to Poland or the Czech Republic? Does anbody know how costs here in B erlin compare?


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What sort of health insurance cover do you have for Germany? It might cover more of your costs in Berlin depending on the treatment. If it's purely cosmetic you should look around. I read somewhere that Budapest is actually the "capital of European dentistry" with a dental practice on virtually every street so they should offer good treatment at competitive prices.

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I don't know what sort of treatment you require but you should consider how many visits to the dentist it might take to complete the treatment and how that would add to the cost if you go abroad. I have two crowns which are fine now but it's taken ages and several short follow-up appointments over a couple of months after the initial fitting. I think this is something you should also consider. ...

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I am very happy with the system here in Berlin. I got my dentist through personal recommendation from a friend and make sure I have regular check-ups to satisfy to comply with my health insurance. My worry about going abroad would be that something would go wrong after the treatment and I would end up staying longer or having to go back and pay all the travel expenses again ....

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If you haven't found a dentist in Berlin have a look here for English speaking dentists:

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