English speaking gynaecologists in Berlin

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Can anyone recommend a gynaecologist who speaks good English, preferably a woman, in Berlin? Also, is it true that you have to have smear tests yearly not every three years?


Lily-rose 1192971242

My gynaecologist is Dr Helene Taheri - she is in Neukoelln on Sonnenallee near where I used to live. She is lovely and does speak English. Smear tests are annual over here but she is very kind, quick and will get the result to you within a few days!

Louise H 1193054440

Dr Taheri's details are here: http://berlin.angloinfo.com/af/473/berlin-doctors-and-medical-practitioners.html along with lots of other English speaking doctors in Berlin!

dywenh 1194351873

Check out the forums on www.toytowngermany.de - a similar question was recently posted and there are several recommendations. It's on the Life in Berlin forum.


sunshine-332245 1202738700

Smear tests are annually in Germany but you tend to get the results much faster, usually within a couple of days instead of the usual long wait in England. My gynaecologist basically says that if I don't hear from her within 3-4 days after it's been sent to the lab then everything is ok! You also get a smear test here automatically if you are pregnant (so a friend of mine tells me!).

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