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Hi there! I need a change of image and its time to get my long locks shorn! My hair is waistlength and I'm really up for totally new look but I must have confidence in the hairdresser (bad memories hence the avoidance of hairdressers in recent times!) - recommendations of excellent cutters please - also if poss beauty treatment salons so I can have the full works. Got a birthday coming up so I want to surprise everyone!!


Coco-332601 1238573978

For hair try basecut in Xberg:

Louise H 1239179294

You could have the full works - hair and beauty at Aveda, Ku-damm 26a near Uhland Str. You can download opening times, prices and treatments etc. from the website (in German tho'):

frau 1239280300

I love Aveda personally, all the products are natural and smell delicious!

Mimi-332425 1239701550

If you're out to treat yourself and blow the cost then try Peter Arnheim hair and make up on Keithstr. near Wittenbergplatz. You will feel truly pampered there. Note they are closed on Mondays and they don't take credit cards alas. Website is

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