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I am due to give birth quite soon and am frantically planning every last stage. My midwife tells me I should make sure I have a paediatrician for the statutory post birth checks. Can anyone recommend a friendly, English-speaking or with some English knowledge (have basic German but just to be on the safe side!) Kinderarzt in Mitte? Also, I have a big fear of hospitals, never having had to go in one and really hope to leave hospital a.s.a.p. after the birth all being well. I understand this is a minimum of 4 hours after the birth. Would love to hear from other mums who have given birth in Berlin about their experiences of staying in hospital/gone home afterwards. Cheers, Becky


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Gosh, Becky I only saw this posting today so I guess you have probably given birth by now. If not all I can say is I know from friends here that their experiences have all been positive ones. I believe you can leave hospital four hours after the birth assuming both you and baby are ok. When we first came to Berlin I had to find a pediatrician and was lucky to get a recommendation from someone at the church. Have you asked your Hebamme if she can recommend one?

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