Terrific English-speaking dentist in Berlin: Dr Aviva Grinfeld

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If you're looking for an English-speaking dentist, I can highly recommed our family dentist, Dr Aviva Grinfeld. My daughter Elise was scared to get her first filling - to the point that she was going to run out of the office, poor thing, but Dr Grinfeld was so kind and patient - explaining each step and letting her hold the dental instruments - that Elise was able to relax - even during the drilling - and now no longer fears a visit to the dentist. Dr Grinfeld also did great work on a crown for me. I liked working with her so much I offered to redesign her website. If you look at the photos of staff, you get an immediate sense of how positive and competent they are. Dr Aviva Grinfeld's Dental Office. 


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