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If you're looking for an English-speaking dentist, I can highly recommed our family dentist, Dr Aviva Grinfeld. My daughter Elise was scared to get her first filling - to the point that she was going to run out of the office, poor thing, but Dr Grinfeld was so kind and patient - explaining each step and letting her hold the dental instruments - that Elise was able to relax - even during the drilling - and now no longer fears a visit to the dentist. Dr Grinfeld also did great work on a crown for me. I liked working with her so much I offered to redesign her website. If you look at the photos of staff, you get an immediate sense of how positive and competent they are. Dr Aviva Grinfeld's Dental Office. 

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Can anyone recommend a hypnotherapist in Mitte or nearby areas please? Has anyone had success with this method?

started by: JulianSka · last update: 1456686106 · posted: 1456686106

Hi Does anyone have a dentist or an oral surgeon to recommend? I need to get my wisdom teeth out. I am insured by the TK. And I am scared of dentists.. Best regards, Julian

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Hi All, We are running weekly Tai Chi & Qi Gong classes in Berlin. Classes are in English, but we speak German as well. New beginners courses start regularly throughout the year - please check website for further details.   For further information please contact Maciej 0151 7516 2095, email: maciej@meiquantaichi.com (English), marian@meiquantaichi.com (German) or Visit: http://www.meiquantaichi.com/de  

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We have my elderly mother-in-law coming to stay with us. She uses a walking frame in the UK but is very stubborn on insisting she does not need it. As such, she's not bringing it with her. Basically I need to find a place that hires them out on a weekly or monthly basis. Thanks.

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I teach fitness training in Berlin that integrates fitness and well-being. I push you to go past your usual limits and make physical changes, and focus at the same time on what's good for you and your body. You get more in shape, and at the same time we work on gaining confidence and reducing stress. Get in touch - 0162 430 9586, sophiadavis@gmx.de, www.sophiadavis.de My approach is based around functional training - using your own body and its weight, movements and speed to create effective training. I focus on high intensity interval training and cardio, mixed with strength/power exercises and running drills. I genuinely love fitness, and like to teach others how it can be fun and rewarding. I usually train outdoors at Volkspark Friedrichshain, but that's negotiable. Get in touch to try a session, or have a look at my website: www.sophiadavis.de More about me: as well as the German fitness training license, I have a vast amount of personal experience at a high level in many different sports. During this I received coaching from a variety of professionals, and learned different ways of training the body. This has ranged from football, to touch rugby, field hockey, running, breakdancing, cricket and yoga.  I am also a practitioner of the Grinberg Method, a way of working with the body to teach people how to be more well, and I bring this perspective to finding a way of getting fit that is good for the body.

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Has anyone had treatment for 'floaters' in their vision? I've had them for a year or so now and am considering treatment if possible.

started by: Kartoffelkopf · last update: 1450453616 · posted: 1450453616

Anyone know an English-speaking optician that might be able to see me before Tuesday and if necessary have a pair of glasses ready for Wednesday?

started by: Harry Upski · last update: 1448320589 · posted: 1448320589

Have these arrived in Berlin? I'm a bit behind the times I'm afraid...

started by: Miriam-10044607 · last update: 1447425934 · posted: 1447366777

Over-the-counter sleeping aid needed. Nytol or something similar. Recommendations?

started by: Kartoffelkopf · last update: 1441970852 · posted: 1441874562

My wife is very shy and upset about the pronounced veins on her legs. Has anyone had treatments for this successfully?

started by: Guest_in_Berlin · last update: 1440756912 · posted: 1435079859

Looking to have my wisdom teeth removed, any recommendations for a dentist?

started by: Miriam-10044607 · last update: 1440756787 · posted: 1440756787

Can anyone advise me as to where I might be able to get a walking frame for an elderly relative in Germany please? Thanks in advance.

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Hey I need a tattoo artist (talented) that speaks English. I want a sizeable piece of art on my back so they need to be GOOD.

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Hi all I'm looking for a recommendation for English-speaking female gynaecologist please.

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