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What is your favorite German Beauty, Fashion or Lifestyle Blog? And, if the also blogged in English, all the better. Thanks

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Where can I shop for XS sized womens clothing?

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Looking for recommendations for an Eglish speaking urologist within or near Mitte preferred.

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Looking for classes in pilates for pregnant women. Any recommendations?

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Looking to bounce back to the gym after *blank years of excuses. However, my dilemma is my tag-along 3 year old. I've heard that Jopp and Jopp has creche for kids. Any other gym recommendations with the same concept?

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Can foreign residents avail Germany's disability benefits aside from my personal insurance for healthcare?

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Can anyone recommend a good sauna? There is a lot to choose from so I would appreciate recommendations. Prefereably in Neukolln as I'll be staying there with a friend.  Thanks in advance!

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Hi AI users. Any recommendations for a good English speaking neurologist?

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get back into shape in 2015 with Berlin's no.1 personal trainer. 15% off all packages. PERSONAL TRAINING by Hamilton Thorp 1 on 1 Athletic functional training programs designed specifically for your training goals, whether that is for fat loss or strength and conditioning. Train hard with Berlin’s no1 fitness coach. hamilton@berlintotrain.de 0157 - 759 506 50 http://berlintotrain.de/

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Looking for a good English speaking GP in Berlin

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Hey everyone, if you are interested in getting back into shape and are looking for an English speaking personal trainer, please visit my webpage www.berlintotrain.de look forward to hearing from you.   Hamilton Thorp.

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If anyone knows a good chiropractor here, please do let me know. I am in need of one urgently.

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Hi, my name is Hamilton Thorp, I am an Australian ex-professional athlete personal trainer working in Mitte, please visit my website if you are interested in getting fit.  www.berlintotrain.de

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Any recommendations for a shop that sells costumes for in plus sizes??

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Been having problems with my shoulder/arms and neck pain for more than 2 weeks now. Looking for a good Physioterapist or similar, English speaking preferred. Got recommendations??

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With the Oktoberfest coming up, anybody has an idea where I can get a set of adult-sized and kiddie size dirndl?

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Can anyone recomend me a cosmetic dentist who does veneers? English speaking would be a plus. Preferably in Neukolln but willing to travel.

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Where to buy large ladies shoes (size 7.5 UK)?

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Are there prenatal yoga being offered in Prenzlauer Berg at the moment? 

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A friend had been seeing a physiotherapist for prior to moving here in Berlin and would like to continue with the treatment. So if anyone knows a physio or similar, English speaking ideally, do let me know.

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