started by: Mary Kaye · last update: 1407415998 · posted: 1398253238

Been wanting to learn CPR and First Aid - any recommendations where to get a crash course?

started by: SGA2002 · last update: 1407320525 · posted: 1407320525

Wifey's birthday is coming up and I would like to enroll her on a makeup course as a gift. Got recommendations where?

started by: DarthVader-924251 · last update: 1405693422 · posted: 1404829447

Anybody knows of an efficient and capable English speaking dietitian in Mitte?

started by: studiomotion · last update: 1405687280 · posted: 1405687280

Hi everyone!  Have you heard about Muuyu? It is an open online yoga platform, offering interactive classes with teachers from all over the world! It means you only need a web camera and internet connection to do yoga at anytime and from anywhere! Muuyu is now online and is offering a free yoga class to all of Berlin's expacts! It's very simple! just register on www.muuyu.com, choose your favourite class, click book and type in the promo code #expact I hope you will enjoy the same way I did!  

started by: Mary Kaye · last update: 1405598608 · posted: 1403801102

Anyone knows where to shop for vintage and second hand clothings in Mitte?

started by: Gerome-924264 · last update: 1403359415 · posted: 1403190213

Hi all. Can anybody help us;  where can you to find clothes in good brands for men size XXL/XXXL or jeans size 38/36 or 38/38?

started by: Chike-951063 · last update: 1403089964 · posted: 1402592414

Aside from organic good, I've been using herbal remedies as an alternative treatment. Can anyone point me where can I find one in Berlin?

started by: ACA-895439 · last update: 1402401887 · posted: 1402401887

Know of any place to buy one of these?

started by: Irah Maggs · last update: 1401442762 · posted: 1400923013

Does anyone know of a good, trustworthy, English speaking dentist in Prenzlauer Berg?

started by: Shanti-951050 · last update: 1401120718 · posted: 1400593480

Does anyone know where to get yellow fever inoculation? Thanks!

started by: Mary Kaye · last update: 1401102287 · posted: 1401029683

I think I might be having an infection. Can anyone recommend an English speaking gynecologist within Mitte?

started by: Dave Harris-924265 · last update: 1400073976 · posted: 1399646582

Can anyone recommend a nice spa to celebrate Mother's Day this coming Sunday?

started by: DarthVader-924251 · last update: 1399909238 · posted: 1398951198

Can anyone recommend a good clinic that offers laser scar removal? Preferably somewhere in Mitte.

started by: Shanti-951050 · last update: 1399633017 · posted: 1399286584

Can anyone recommend a good studio that teaches Hot Yoga in English?

started by: AryaStark · last update: 1398182220 · posted: 1397476681

I am currently in need of getting my eyelash extensions redone as they have fallen out. I get semi permant eyelashes done that last 2 months. Can anyone please recommend a place here in Berlin that can do this service?   

started by: Dave Harris-924265 · last update: 1398167026 · posted: 1398167026

Does anyone know of a good English speaking rheumatologist? Anywhere in Berlin will do, as long as they're really good. 

started by: SGA2002 · last update: 1397750725 · posted: 1397575565

To all gym goers, where do you buy whey protein here in Berlin? American brand preferred please.

started by: DarthVader-924251 · last update: 1396523974 · posted: 1396357967

On the lookout where I could possibly do an antibiotic allergy testing... I prefer to have it in a hospital or a clinic. Does anyone know where this can be done here in Berlin? Many thanks.

started by: Pete Mayer · last update: 1396519502 · posted: 1396519502

Moving to Schoneberg next month. Any recommendations for a gym in or near the area?

started by: MsCupcake · last update: 1396196785 · posted: 1395826726

Any recommendations for salons that do eyebrow threading? Not really keen on waxing them. Thanks!

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