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We are urgently looking for a good pediatrician in Prenzlauer Berg area, preferably an   English speaking doctor. We need to bring our daughter today or latest tomorrow to a doctor so I really appreciate any recommendation.Thank you so much.

started by: Sofija-924278 · last update: 1395495887 · posted: 1395330980

Hi, I want to learn pole dancing. Where do you recommend to go for pole dancing class in Berlin? I don't speak much German so one that gives English classes would be great.Thank you so much.

started by: SGA2002 · last update: 1395401679 · posted: 1394972983

Can anyone recommend a competent psychologist in Mitte? Many thanks.

started by: ACA-895439 · last update: 1394814587 · posted: 1369910042

Hi. A friend is looking for a good dentist who can continue the treatment for her teeth which is in braces. Thanks.

started by: Tina Long · last update: 1394735087 · posted: 1394735087

Are you interested in learning about organic health & beauty? Would you like to be a Consultant for Neal's Yard Remedies social network in Germany? Please reply for more information.

started by: MsCupcake · last update: 1393938954 · posted: 1393938954

Can anyone suggest me where to get testing for dyslexia? Would appreciate any response, thank you.

started by: Rachelle Mae · last update: 1393342634 · posted: 1391696000

Any recommendation for wellness centers in Berlin aside from Liquidrom?

started by: VS1977 · last update: 1393162593 · posted: 1393055167

I recently stumbled upon a salon in Kreuzberg called Basement  or Basement8 that seems to be interesting and woould like to ask for any feedback. Thanks!

started by: SGA2002 · last update: 1391676353 · posted: 1391606124

How does one go about donating blood here in Berlin?

started by: Carmen A · last update: 1391610936 · posted: 1391610936

I need to find an English speaking hematologist in Berlin for a blood coagulation problem I am having. Any recommendations?

started by: Leila-924266 · last update: 1390998958 · posted: 1390998958

Can anybody recommend a good dermatologist? 

started by: gummybear-924269 · last update: 1389961178 · posted: 1389800566

Looking for recommendations for an orthodontist, preferably within the Kreuzberg area and English speaking. Thanks!

started by: Anna Mei · last update: 1389785396 · posted: 1389283238

Any recommendations for a friendly - and English speaking Frauenartzt???

started by: Leila-924266 · last update: 1389102771 · posted: 1388659725

Any recommendation for a hand moisturizer for dry hands? Tried several brands but didn't get ny good results.

started by: Rachelle Mae · last update: 1389083700 · posted: 1388999884

Can anyone recommend a gym that can provide post natal exercises? Thanks.

started by: Blue Cookie · last update: 1388481635 · posted: 1388308130

Hi. Any recommendations for a boutique that sells a variety of plus size clothing for women? Thanks.

started by: SeanG · last update: 1388403518 · posted: 1388240146

Does anyone have a McFit or other gym membership that is not being used? I'll be more than willing to pay for it, or even share it depending on location.

started by: John Hendrix · last update: 1387545376 · posted: 1387461647

Hi everyone. I'm searching for the best gynecologist in Berlin for my wife. Can anybody suggest or recommend anyone?

started by: hmmmm · last update: 1387111705 · posted: 1387111705

Looking for a gym buddy in Friedrichshain / Prenzlauerberg. I'm a beginner who lifts 3 times a week, focusing on power lifts.

started by: Samantha2004 · last update: 1386837584 · posted: 1386769531

Any recommendations where to have Kundalini Yoga in English?

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