started by: Minnie-895420 · last update: 1374846229 · posted: 1374846229

Hurray! Topshop and Topman is now in KaDeWe! No need to shop online! 

started by: KishaA · last update: 1374765026 · posted: 1374683764

A friend had been wanting to try mild Japanese perm. Any recommendations for a Japanese salon in Berlin?

started by: Minnie-895420 · last update: 1373980376 · posted: 1373724943

Can anyone suggest a nice book to read for expecting Moms? Thanks.

started by: celine-895418 · last update: 1373547492 · posted: 1372170492

I am looking on shopping for vintage clothings. Have already tried several flea markets and now would like to go on stores that sells vintage clothings/second hand clothes. Any recommendations?

started by: ACA-895439 · last update: 1372689026 · posted: 1365343865

Does anyone know of any acupuncture clinics here?

started by: loleeta · last update: 1371477129 · posted: 1371050640

Desperately wanting to lose weight for a long time now. Can anyone recommend any solution: diet plans, exercises, anything? 

started by: fleur-895422 · last update: 1371476084 · posted: 1364211791

Anyone here into Zumba? Can you recommend instructors to give private lessons for a group of 5?

started by: Amada · last update: 1371465984 · posted: 1370619623

ANy recommendations for a salon that does good nail art?

started by: Twinkletoes-895387 · last update: 1371464767 · posted: 1371464767

Can anyone tell me if there are folded ballet shoes being sold here in Berlin, same as the shoes in this link http://www.flipsters.com.au/? If yes, where to buy and what would be the brand name? Thanks in advance.

started by: GlennS · last update: 1369836600 · posted: 1369752516

I am into kickboxing before I even move here in Berlin and I am looking into training myself again. Can anyone recommend a convenient but reasonably priced kickboxing gym? 

started by: Minnie-895420 · last update: 1369055703 · posted: 1365337133

Can anyone recommend a very good masseuse who does Swedish massage. Preferably one who does home visits and of course, English speaking. Appreciate any help.

started by: loleeta · last update: 1368702580 · posted: 1368623589

Can anyone recommend a good place to get Shellac nails?

started by: sleepyhead-895426 · last update: 1368537459 · posted: 1368197245

Been wanting to have one of those hot stone massages for a while now; does anyone have a good recommendation?

started by: MelanyB · last update: 1367588096 · posted: 1365333893

I tried coloring my hair with a lighter shade 2 days ago and now I wear a hat whenever I go out :D I am now looking for a haidresser to "rescue" my hair and I need it done as soon as possible for I have a function by end of the week. Help please!

started by: Skippy-895416 · last update: 1367234953 · posted: 1366989594

Is there an equivelant of Vicks Vaporub that you can buy from the chemist/pharmacies?

started by: Amada · last update: 1366633841 · posted: 1366557967

any recommendations on where to go for pole dancing lessons?

started by: fleur-895422 · last update: 1366020090 · posted: 1365767568

Does anyone know where I can buy fragrance oils for perfume making?

started by: Twinkletoes-895387 · last update: 1365596061 · posted: 1365596061

i am beginning to notice spider veins developing on the inside of my legs. what doctor should i consult? any personal recommendations?

started by: SarahG-895414 · last update: 1365345030 · posted: 1364126580

Any suggestions for a reasonably priced gym, preferably within or near Zehlendorf?

started by: johnnybgood-895433 · last update: 1365341362 · posted: 1364909351

i am in search if a place to learn to play tennis for a couple of oldies. does anyone know of any clubs that cater for the older generation?

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