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I've been sticking to a healthy routine for a while now (regular exercise and watching my food intake) but for some reason, I am not losing weight. Can anyone help?

started by: beetle-895435 · last update: 1365162711 · posted: 1363962247

Hi, Can someone recommend a good dentist here in Berlin? I've been thinking on getting my teeth whitened. Thanks!

started by: applepicker · last update: 1364302977 · posted: 1364302977

Does anyone know where near Mitte can I buy crackled nail polish/varnish? Or recommendations on salons that does manicures with these?

started by: beetle-895435 · last update: 1364292998 · posted: 1362842912

A friend is thinking of going through laser eye surgery to correct his vision, though he's quite unsure if he'll have it here or wait until he gets back in the US. Has anyone had it done here in Berlin? I've heard of having side effects after sometime; is it true? Would appreciate any feedback.

started by: Bryan-895428 · last update: 1363953047 · posted: 1363173147

Can anyone recommend a good laser tattoo removal center near Mitte? 

started by: applepicker · last update: 1363949200 · posted: 1363871755

Been wanting to get one since November last year but the thought of those injections is making me nervous. I would like to go to the best possible place with the most trusted doctors. Any recommendations?

started by: celine-895418 · last update: 1363599962 · posted: 1362921147

Can anyone suggest where I can buy these? For the past 2 weeks I keep waking up with terrible ache in my neck and a friend has suggested one of these might help.

started by: loleeta · last update: 1363341872 · posted: 1362063754

Just recently moved in and I am on the lookout for a good eyebrow threading place. Any recommendations?

started by: ACA-895439 · last update: 1363184422 · posted: 1362996670

I am preparing for a marathon but would like to have somebody to train with or maybe a good running club where I can become a member?

started by: SarahG-895414 · last update: 1363179120 · posted: 1362927620

my sister is coming over for a few weeks' visit. she will then be celebrating her birthday here and i was thinking of giving her a treatment voucher as a gift. can anyone recommend a spa? thanks.    

started by: GlennS · last update: 1362826109 · posted: 1362826109

Hi all. My 10 year old niece will be coming over for Easter. She has has a history of asthma attacks for 3 years now and we would like to be prepared for her coming. Can anyone recommend a good asthma doctor? Any help would be appreciated. Glenn

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There are very few things I absolutely must have from home, but my Aveeno is one of them. I'm about to run out and I don't have any trips planned back this year. Has anyone see the daily moisturizing lotion in shops here?If you have, can you please tell me where? Thank you!!

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I see that asa a resident of Germany one is bound to have health insurance. Presumably this is purchased from private companies. Obviously the premiums are based upon persoanl circumstances but can anyone give me a ball park premium for a male over aged 65 or point me to a website where I maight get an idea. Thanks Christo  

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Does anyone offer a First Aid course in English?

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Fitness & Personal Development Offer:  Coaching Package 30 mn: Circuit-Zumba for all levels Take the high-energy, Latin-inspired dance-fitness moves of the Zumba® program and mix them with a series of resistance exercises at timed intervals and you've got Circuit-Zumba, the 30-minute workout that's putting a new spin on circuit training. Benefits:  Improvements in strength and endurance, aerobic capacity and lose weight/gain definition; a great way to lift the spirits and tackle the winter blues 15 mn: Core conditioning/Body shaping Improves posture, core strength, targets arms/shoulders/posterior (depending on your goal) Followed or (preceded) by:  Constellation coaching  Professional and personal coaching, using the constellation systemic approach.  Benefits:  You can solve your life issues in a fun, creative way. Constellations are a practical, respectful and often profound intervention that illuminate hidden dynamics, reveal fresh resources and offer new paths to resolution. It's a solution-oriented tool. During a session you will create a living map – made of people, or, in one-to-one coaching, objects- to illuminate the invisible dynamics that lie behind your challenging issues so that you can understand them and find your own solutions. Who I am?               Florence  Qualifications: Zumba instructor and Coaching Constellation certification My philosophy: Positive, friendly and engaging, I combine fitness, dance and personal development together, providing a fresh fun approach to life and all its problems.  Language: French, English, German (Basic +) 6 years coaching experience for individuals and organizations and 5 years dance teaching Where and when:  Your home or office Aftenoons or Evenings Price: 45 euros per 105 minute package Discount for Groups

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Hi there, I am relocating to Berlin this coming month for work. Here I have a very active routine and was wondering which are the options around town for rock climbing? dancing (tango anybody)? biking paths? I will be close to downtown. Thanks!! meg

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does anyone recommend a place to get a pedicure? I'm starting to get desparate?

started by: Samthedog-338893 · last update: 1333961998 · posted: 1332490973

I have damaged my wrist walking my very strong, very pully dog. The doc has recommended ibuprofen gel but told me it will need physio. Just wondered if anyone can recommend a good physio. I live in Mitte but would be willing to travel elsewhere for treatment.

started by: JohnnyB-338920 · last update: 1333961942 · posted: 1333961942

Can anyone can recommend a dermatologist here in Berlin as I have a detergent allergy which has flared up really badly and my fingers are like sausages!!

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Can;t believe how cold it is and most of all how cold my face is whenever I venture out - have tried the old scarf round face + hat method but find it ineffective - anyone got any better ideas or know where i can find some sort of balaclava i can wear without looking to suspicisous. my feet get pretty cold to - any tips?

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