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My auntie sent me a cowl woolly scarf for Xmas - I love it and put it on straight away only to find I now have a very itchy red rash all over my neck and chin where the scarf has been. Needless to say, scarf is now in the bin, but it has mad my skin dry to the point where it looks like sandpaper. I have tried normal moisturiser but it stings too much - any suggestions please!!?

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I will be coming to Berlin later this year for a six month contract (possibly longer if things work out) and I am trying to sort out as much as possible in advance. I've been told I will need health insurance but don't know if it's best to get one in Germany or find an insurer here which will cover me for the duration I'm in Berlin. Is there a minimum term that German insurers will insure for? Anyone else with similar experience?

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After moving boxes around under the bed yesterday I woke up today with a very stiff neck and right shoulder - it's a recurring problem and I need to get it sorted somehow. Can anyone recommend an osteopath/chiropractor? Thanks

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A confidential support, growth-oriented group for people in relationships with partners struggling with sexually compulsive or addictive behaviors.If your partner, spouse or someone you love is sexually addicted - whether or not they are seeking help - join us for hope, support and growth. You are not alone. This will be led by a woman who has walked this journey.Contact :BerlinLink@yahoo.comfor more information.

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Hello, I am quite new to Berlin and am looking for a gynaecologist, preferably female as I don't think I would feel comfortable with a male one (sorry - no offence meant guys - I'm sure a lot of us gals feel the same!). I do speak German but one who speaks some English would be good as I am quite nervous about these things and get a bit panicky after having had a smear recall 3 times in the UK just because they didn't take enough cells! I was a total wreck by the last time! I had a look at the docs listed on the site but I would like a personal recommendation if poss rather than just picking one out of thin air. I live in Kreuzberg but would be happy to travel anywhere if I could find a good gynae I feel at ease with.

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Hi there, I have one wisdom tooth (the other 3 have been removed previously) - on the upper side of my mouth with a small cavity which hasn't bothered me until recently. Now I think I have an absess and the beginnings of a nagging pain. I need to get it removed, but unfortunatley my experience with having the other ones removed a few years back made me put this off for as long as possible. Does anyone have a good dentist here in Berlin that they would recommend? If possible I'd like to have an alternative to an injection (bit squeamish about needles and the last time the anasthetic kept wearing off). I heard soem dentists do it under hypnosis - does anyone know one? Greatful for any suggestions - thanks

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After giving up smoking (it's been a long year!) I want to join a ladies' gym - preferably in Mitte so it's within easy access and I can go more frequently! Would appreciate some idea of cost / contractual restrictions etc. Thanks

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I would like to treat myself to a bit of pampering - nothing too extravagant, maybe a manicure, pedicure, massage - if possible somewhere which opens late - recommendations please!

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I love the sun but i tend to overheat and get a prickly heat rash mainly on my arms inside of my elbows and across the top of my chest - I've tried all the usual things and can soothe it but just wondered if anyone has any tips on how to prevent it happening in teh first place

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Hi, my family and I are new to Germany although we dont live in Berlin I an looking for friendly advice regarding a disability rise and recline chair. Does anyone know the german phrase for this and do you know where we could purchase one urgently. I dont know where else to look now and am desperate for this chair. Please help....

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From being an occasional cigarette smoker I now find myself smoking 10-20 a day following a period of stress at work and home. I really want to give up and have tried to with no success. Can anyone recommend anything - hypnosis? laser treatment, patches - what works?

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I would like a complete change of image and I desperately need a great hairdresser that I can talk to in English so I don't end up with something I didn't ask for or an image I hate or am too embarassed to go out in public with. Does anyone have any recommendations for a hair salon with a stylist who is very good and can speak enough English to communicate with me? I am willing to go anywhere in Berlin for the right hairdresser. Thanks

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Anyone know of anywhere that has flotation tanks for relaxation?

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Anyone able to recommend a chiropodist?

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Looking for a salon or beautyu therapist who does maekup for nights out. Any recommendations welcome.

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Anyone know of a hairdresser that can supply and weave in fake dreads?

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Has anyone had this done over here and what was the experience like? Can anyone recommend a good surgery?

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What medication can I buy over the counter for migraine?

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I want to stop smoking, can you get nicotine patches on prescription here?

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I have an appointment to see a doctor later this week, and wondered whether I need to take a translator with me, I don't speak any German!

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