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What medication can I buy over the counter for migraine?

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I want to stop smoking, can you get nicotine patches on prescription here?

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I have an appointment to see a doctor later this week, and wondered whether I need to take a translator with me, I don't speak any German!

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Can anyone tell me the difference between the services offered by these 2 types of health care professionals and which would be the best to visit for a painful back caused by leg length difference?

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I tend to come out in spots the minute I apply any kind of lotion to my skin so apart from sun protection I usually give it a miss. I have tried using Amber Solaire as I like the smell but it still makes my skin greasy and come out in pimples. Can anyone recommend a good sun protection which is light on the skin, ie non-greasy?

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In prep for new shoes (hopefully) would like a pedicure - I live in Friedrichshain so somewhere not to far would be good. Thanks

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Ijust noticed I have a verucca and wondered how to get rid - a friend told me to leave it and it will go on it's own. Problem is I want to go swimming at the open air pool - do I need to put something on it?

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On a recent trip home I visited my local beauty parlour and had a head, neck and shoulder massage - it was so relaxing - I'd love to go for one in Berlin - can anyone recommend a good place to go?

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Just wondered how worried everyone else is about this - I was hoping to travel to the US later this year but not sure if I should postpone it. I know it's not Mexico where the main outbreak is but how soon and how fast will this travel? I heard there is a confirmed case in Scotland where a couple have returned from their honeymoon in Cancun but their symptoms are mild - problem is they came back last Tuesday but didn't go to hospital until Saturday so how many more people could they have infected. I find it seriously worrying and I guess it's just a matter of time before someone lands in Berlin after staying in Mexico ....

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Hi there! I need a change of image and its time to get my long locks shorn! My hair is waistlength and I'm really up for totally new look but I must have confidence in the hairdresser (bad memories hence the avoidance of hairdressers in recent times!) - recommendations of excellent cutters please - also if poss beauty treatment salons so I can have the full works. Got a birthday coming up so I want to surprise everyone!!

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I want to get my dental problems sorted out. But is it really much cheaper to go to Poland or the Czech Republic? Does anbody know how costs here in B erlin compare?

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I have overindulged this Christmas ... well probably for longer and I am slowly but surely finding things a little tight around the waist. Are there any Weightwatchers or Slimming World or similar who hold classes in English or are there any expat groups who meet up to "weigh and slim????

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I'll be moving to Germany in March with my wife, we are both in early retirement but won't get our pensions for another few years. Are we entitled to health cover in Germany? How does it work. Will we have to pay for it or are we covered for the first 12 months with an E 106 form? Thanks

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I am due to give birth quite soon and am frantically planning every last stage. My midwife tells me I should make sure I have a paediatrician for the statutory post birth checks. Can anyone recommend a friendly, English-speaking or with some English knowledge (have basic German but just to be on the safe side!) Kinderarzt in Mitte? Also, I have a big fear of hospitals, never having had to go in one and really hope to leave hospital a.s.a.p. after the birth all being well. I understand this is a minimum of 4 hours after the birth. Would love to hear from other mums who have given birth in Berlin about their experiences of staying in hospital/gone home afterwards. Cheers, Becky

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Can anyone recommend a gynaecologist who speaks good English, preferably a woman, in Berlin? Also, is it true that you have to have smear tests yearly not every three years?

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Help - my toothache is getting worse and worse - can anyone recommend an emergency dentist?

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I'm looking for an English speaking pediatrician not too far from where we live in Tegel. My German is really bad and I want to be sure I understand when its something to do with my kids.

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Is there a good, child-friendly dentist in Berlin. We just visited our local dentist, but his English is not that good and my kids were a bit scared of him. We live in Reinickendorf. Is there anyone reasonably near we could transfer to?

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