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You can buy a microwave denso dinner set (24 pcs) from us. Order us minimum 5 pcs and get  5%  discount.  Contact: 9409446595 By:- AB2901

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HI guys!My name is Federico and I am currently living in Germany, looking into starting an eCommerce of something of my interest, which is plants, so I was looking at wholesalers and such to be able to resell the plants throughout Europe! However, I have a feel (after working the whole weekend on it), that it mightn't be as easy as I thought it'd be! In particular, because I see all these nurseries selling individually to their countries, instead of offering international (asides from Bakker).Has anyone gotten any experience with this? Is it hard to do eBusiness with plants within Europe? Did I pick a way-too-hard niche? :DIf I came to the wrong forums, please let me know!Kind regards,Federico.

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Jacob Appelbaum, a Berliner mentioned that someone was spying on his apartment - he was influential in the TOR project. (http://www.dw.com/en/snowden-ally-appelbaum-claims-his-berlin-apartment-was-invaded/a-17315069)I also heard a story about home someone asked someones neighbor to install listening devices in their apartment in order to spy on them. This might be extreme (details here https://mattndian.wordpress.com/2016/07/03/the-start/) but my experience shows that the neighbors here are a nosey bunch. How widespread is this? Anybody have any other experiences?

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What are the English-language papers / magazines in Berlin?

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Can you buy the G-Tech Air Ram in Germany?  

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I have some dark wooden chair and have ben advised that I should get them waxed. Can anyone advise me of a suitable product ot buy in order to do it please?

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Anyone fitted one of these? And are they worth it?

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Is there an electricty supplier that provides cheap rate electricty at night?

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I need a supplier of cut wood. I need about 30 planks 160 x 15 x 3cm (depth isn't fixed in stone). Pre-treated would be even better!

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Is the SKY Germany remote control the same as the SKY UK one please?

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I would like to buy fat balls for the birds this winter. Suppliers in the south of the city please?

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How do you set up a water account please if you move into a flat in Berlin?  

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Are mobile gas (butane) heaters safe for use in the home? What are the pitfalls?

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Is there a supplier of bayonet cap light bulbs anywhere or is it an internet job and cross your fingers they're not all smashed to pieces?

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Can anyone point me in the direction of a professional oven cleaning company please? I have a lot of baked on fatty deposits that I just can't get off with good old fashioned elbow grease.

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Can anyone recommend a company that can install a water purification system under the kitchen sink for us please?

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Looking for a furnished apartment for 3 months while doing an internship. Any help would be appreciated. Working in Hennigsdorf so surrounding areas in Berlin would be good. Thank you.

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I have an area of my flat that the wifi just doesn't reach. Does you have any suggestions as to what I can do, short of moving the actual wifi box thingy?

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Can anyone give me a reccomendation for a TV and internet services provider in the city please?

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Does ayone know of a supplier of white pebbles please? I need about a wheelbarrow's worth for a project that I am working on.

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