started by: MaryPoppins-951052 · last update: 1409060281 · posted: 1408461241

Can anyone recommend someone or somewhere that does custom-made wooden furnitures? Anywhere in Berlin will do.

started by: JessicaS · last update: 1408971371 · posted: 1408971371

Can anyone recommend where can I buy ceramic or stone wall fountain and other garden decorations in Prenzlauer Berg?

started by: Anna Mei · last update: 1408276147 · posted: 1407166894

Where can I buy nice and sturdy cast iron pans here in Berlin? I recently broke the one I had with me (a Lodge cast iron - my clumsiness). 

started by: Carmen A · last update: 1408030854 · posted: 1407509186

Help! I am in need of a washing machine repairman. Any recommendations in Prenzlauer Berg?

started by: FlowersofMay · last update: 1406303382 · posted: 1406045990

Can anyone recommend someone who fixes leather couches? Our cat made scratches on ours and I'll be having some company next month. Not keen on the idea of buying a new one as it is just a few months old.

started by: Skippy-895416 · last update: 1405866159 · posted: 1405866159

I'm interested in buying a property and would like to hire a surveyor to help me out on structural issues, English-speaking preferred. Can anyone recommend one in Mitte?  

started by: Nicole-924277 · last update: 1404226491 · posted: 1403609141

Can anyone recommend a good seamstress? Need to have a few curtains made.

started by: Zzzzz-951064 · last update: 1403795407 · posted: 1403795407

Has anyone got a recommendation for a moving company? Got several pieces of furnitures to be delivered from Treptow to Tegel.

started by: pypekamp · last update: 1402906125 · posted: 1402906125

I am looking for a good and reliable cleaner for my rental home in the area of Charlottenburg (near the Schloss). She needs to be able to speak English, be available 7 days a week, and is online. Any tips?

started by: Persephone-951054 · last update: 1402480164 · posted: 1402232212

Can anyone recommend a store that sells beads and fashion jewelry?

started by: fleur-895422 · last update: 1402411668 · posted: 1399731750

I am looking for someone to do light carpentry work around the house - anyone got recommendations?

started by: Mary Kaye · last update: 1398956706 · posted: 1398956706

Can anyone recommend a place where I can get a mattress steam cleaned, within Prenzlauer Berg or nearby areas?

started by: aly in berlin · last update: 1397555402 · posted: 1397551653

We had a minor mishap with an electrical wall fixture & I needed to find an English speaking handyman - who could do the job for the right price & a timely manner.  We found Jarek on angloinfo & couldn't be happier with his service. Would recommned his him highly.  http://www.handymanberlin.com/index.php/en/

started by: Samantha2004 · last update: 1397056547 · posted: 1397056547

Could anyone recommend an electrician that could rewire a 2 bedroom house and a plumber to install a bathroom? Thanks for the help.

started by: Blue Cookie · last update: 1395496124 · posted: 1394985085

Where is a good place to buy yards of fabric for curtain making?

started by: VS1977 · last update: 1395059624 · posted: 1391869687

Looking for a handyman who can help with putting some furniture together, and hanging a few things up on the wall. Does anyone have any contacts or suggestions?

started by: Diya2014 · last update: 1394040144 · posted: 1393974559

Hi all, Can any one recomend a contact for cleaner ?  Thank You. 

started by: megadude · last update: 1393974412 · posted: 1393182555

Hi,   Im looking for a Cleaner for my apartment in Prenzlauer Berg every two weeks,  can anyone recommend anyone? Matthew

started by: Stormgirl · last update: 1392105621 · posted: 1391700812

Looking to buy some quality bedroom furnitures that IS NOT Ikea. Any recommendations?

started by: Guest_in_Berlin · last update: 1390817077 · posted: 1390396031

I've got my eyes set on a suitable flat and I now need someone to inspect the place to ensure me that there are no structural issues. Can anyone recommend a property surveyor?  Preferably English speaking and within Prenzlauer Berg.

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