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I've got my eyes set on a suitable flat and I now need someone to inspect the place to ensure me that there are no structural issues. Can anyone recommend a property surveyor?  Preferably English speaking and within Prenzlauer Berg.

started by: Blue Cookie · last update: 1390656198 · posted: 1390656198

Any recommendation for a reliable company to help me with the installation of a satellite?

started by: Yalwaysme? · last update: 1385818950 · posted: 1385729956

Any idea where to find a fresh Christmas tree? Something small for our flat, I thought they would be at my local Christmas market, but not the case.

started by: Sofija-924278 · last update: 1384961475 · posted: 1384773150

I am looking for a shop that rents furniture temporarily, say around a month or two?Any advices where I can find one in Berlin? Thanks !

started by: fleur-895422 · last update: 1383640922 · posted: 1383220400

What would be the best way to remove the mould off the tile grout in the shower? I guess I'm a bit guilty of not paying enough attention on the tiles on the corners of the bathroom. It's really hard to clean! Suggestions please.

started by: MrsTuff · last update: 1383293818 · posted: 1383293818

We are currently planning to get my niece her own bedroom. We want to customise a book shelf with a study for her room. Is there anyone he who might know a freelance carpenter? Thanks.

started by: MrsTuff · last update: 1382629136 · posted: 1382629136

Help! One of my stone window ledges broke and needs to be repaired / replaced. Does anyone know someone who offers this service or is there someone you can recommend ?

started by: Helena08 · last update: 1382362403 · posted: 1381846982

Any one knows where I can buy about a dozen of mason jars? Thanks in advance for any help extended.  

started by: sleepyhead-895426 · last update: 1382347278 · posted: 1381917766

I am in search of a store with a wide selection of fabrics - esp jerseys and silk - either wholesale or retail. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Hello every one.Am currently studying and looking for a mini job.Cleaning at home,hotels or business place.Few hours in a week.Flexible hours.My german is not so good but i speak English,Spanish and abit of french.Please send me an email if interested. Kind regards Bianca

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Can anyone recommend a washing machine repairman/technician in Mitte?

started by: Minnie-895420 · last update: 1381404830 · posted: 1381398141

Any recommendations where can I buy this type of paint?

started by: MrsTuff · last update: 1378490066 · posted: 1378217759

I'd like to buy little pieces of furniture for my balcony for a little sprucing. Any recommendations for nice stores (but not expensive) shops for outdoor furnitures?

started by: Minnie-895420 · last update: 1375098333 · posted: 1374934228

Help please! My kitchen sink have a stubborn white stain and I can't seem to get it out! Tried scrubbing it with steel brush but it won't come off. Any suggestions?

started by: loleeta · last update: 1373722919 · posted: 1373554274

I am in need of a reliable English speaking carpenter to customize a bookcase at our apartment. Can anyone recommend one?

started by: SarahG-895414 · last update: 1373379299 · posted: 1373292759

Are there flower markets here in Berlin? Same as a flea market, but sells plants and flowers (duh!). I'd like to add some plants on our small garden.

started by: geomeller · last update: 1371833601 · posted: 1371833601

After 2+ years in Berlin, having lived in several Countries in Europe and N.America, my comments on mobile phone services, may be of interest to many unsuspecting expats. specially those who personally pay for therir cell phone services.  As in many Coutries there is a proliferation of service providers with a maze of convoluted tariffs and miscellany of services.  Navigating through this jungle of salesmanship and "incentive-offers" is a complex excercise of understanding not only the pricing structures but the technicallities of the offered services such as Mbps, G's, Hot-spots, conectivities, coverage , GPRS, EDGE, Mobilfunk, UMTS or HSDPA which can make a difference of up to 100% on the monthy cost of services .........or lack of them. Cell phones are an indispensible part of our lives, specially for those newly resettled, with a limited knowledge of German. A "smart-phone" has become a way of life, as has SMS messaging, email, info.searches, location, etc.  Following a bike accident I have spent several weeks at a Berlin Hospital being reliant on my mobile-phone for contact with friends and family.   So here speaks the voice of bitter and costly experiences of disinfornation, false claims and support inadequacies,  With much time on my hands, I am pleased to share my experiences with those who have not fallen into the trap of false claims and sheer rip-offs.  Of the three major carriers: T-Mobile, Vodafone and o2,  there is a great deal of difference in rates, tehcnical capabilities and particularly support in English. The biggest pit-fall is 'T-Mobile', being part of the almighty Telecom, their services claims, lack of support response and tariff structure are a blatent rip-off.   To get that 24 months contract, they offer new rates and incentives and there is a haggling competition as well as major difference in cost and service between their "shops", on-line and by phone.  My experiences have led to cancelling of the 2 yr contract on legal advice. Vodafone tariffs and comparable, supplementary costs are lower, coverage is similar BUT but their back up and service is easily reachable and helpful, both by phone and in their stores.  My best experience has been with o2 whose tariffs are much lower, internet capacity and connectivity consistently greater and  phone service most prompt. There are some differences in reception coverage. There are several other "carriers' or subcontractors with differenct specializations particularly with some attractive international calling services, though as with all providers in this obviously highly profitable cell-phone market......BUYERS BEWARE !

started by: MrsTuff · last update: 1371225942 · posted: 1371225942

I am looking for people who can restore an antique furniture; my chest drawer has some chippings and I would like to have it fixed as soon as possible. Can anyone recommend any?

started by: applepicker · last update: 1370439827 · posted: 1370344116

I've been thinking of planting a few flowers in my window boxes. Does anyone know of a good (cheap) garden centre or place to get a few plants from?

started by: SarahG-895414 · last update: 1368973418 · posted: 1368630244

I'm thinking it's time to refurnish the apartment. Any recommendations for a good secondhand furniture store that sells quality items? I don't want to spend too much money this time. Thanks!  

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