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I am planning on adding a bit of zen into my home. Anyone knows where I can buy a bonsai plant/tree?

started by: Minnie-895420 · last update: 1367853968 · posted: 1367853968

Can anyone recommend a person to restore an antique chair, which we have acquired please? It will need re-upholstering and re-varnishing the wooden parts. It's quite valuable, as well as being a lovely piece of furniture, so I don't want it messed up by an amateur. Thanks for any help extended.

started by: ACA-895439 · last update: 1363859615 · posted: 1363859615

Can anyone recommend companies that install kitchen granite worktops?  

started by: amatophilip · last update: 1363690417 · posted: 1360932463

Hi, can anybody suggest a store in Berlin where one can purchase different sizes of cardboard boxes? I need to get some for packing some belongings. Thanks Philip

started by: rusteees · last update: 1360160102 · posted: 1360160102

Hi everyone. Whats your internet & TV situation at home? Looking to sign up with a bit of flexibility with a good speed and good price. Thanks, Dan

started by: Vaishali-659567 · last update: 1358088928 · posted: 1357591771

Has anyone deciphered the new fees for TVs and Radios? How do they work now?

started by: christo-882508 · last update: 1354634212 · posted: 1354366940

Assuming one has a dish pointing to the correct satellite (Astra 2?) is it possible to get UK Free TV in Berlin or does one have to go the Sky route? I'd plan on bringing my UK TV and Echostar Freesat Box with Slingbox included if it would work. This is my first post so my apologies if this has been dealth with before.   Christo

started by: tina32-659576 · last update: 1351205233 · posted: 1351165712

We would like to donate some household goods - plates, glasses, window coverings, etc. is there a place like Goodwill in Berlin?

started by: john256 · last update: 1350859098 · posted: 1350595012

Just want to spread the word about a great store we found for lights called Lichthaus Laubstein on Linienstrasse 73 (corner off Rosenthaler Straße) in Mitte, we were really happy with the customer service, and it turned out they were having a sale -- 50% off their entire stock. Bonus!

started by: Bernie-339339 · last update: 1346325487 · posted: 1346324298

I recently moved to Berlin. My stuff arrived and I have figured out, my apartment is not big enough. Does anybody know a "not to expensive" storage-location for about 6 month nearby Mitte/Kreuzberg? Thanks for your help, bye Bernie

started by: Uninformed · last update: 1339992799 · posted: 1339992799

Hi,I need to buy about 10 items of kitchen appliances from brands like liebherr, siemens, miele and britannia cookers.Would somebody recommend a place to buy these online where the dealer would be able to assist with delivery to a ship broker or arrange the same? I live in Australia and want to buy this as a complete package and get it as sea cargo.Any help would be much appreciated.Thanks

started by: johnmaid · last update: 1334083883 · posted: 1334083883

Hi ..... I've just bought a new mattress and need to dispose of the old one. Can anyone recommend the easiest way to do this? I've looked on the BSR website and it's not clear whether I can take it to a household waste site and, if I can, will there be a charge. Thanks, in advance, for any help, John

started by: elfi001 · last update: 1273264418 · posted: 1272899809

I would love to have an oasis of colour on my southwest facing balcony - I have room for three window boxes approx 90cm wide each side by side but I don't want the usual bedding plants. I hate begonias, geraniums and would love a mini "cottage garden effect" but don't know if it's possible. Obviously I realise I can't grow traditional big stuff like delphiniums, foxgloves, lupins etc. but I just want a little something with lots of colour which will last throughout the summer. Suggestions/tips welcome!!!

started by: Sara-332419 · last update: 1271446426 · posted: 1271242149

For the past week my dishwasher has not been working properly. It either leaves everything coated with a white dry (salty) paste or it appears to work ok but it is demanding salt all the time. I have gone through 3 bags of salt in a week when one would normally last a few weeks. The dishwasher is a Bosch, 3 yers old. I have checked the filter to see nothing is blocking it. Does anyone else have any tips which might help? THanks Sara

started by: Yorkshirelass-332884 · last update: 1270633436 · posted: 1270456302

Do Freesat boxes work abroad ? I know freeview boxes don't but I believe Freesat isn't the same thing. Do you have to have an HD tv for them?

started by: Sara-332419 · last update: 1266826850 · posted: 1266781082

I have lost the foot from my Frister Rossman sewing machine somewhere between my keller and carrying it up to my flight. I have searched in vain for it. Does anyone know of a place that does sewing machine spares?

started by: losttheplot-336739 · last update: 1265617074 · posted: 1263893534

I have tried everything to remove now the lap top will not work, it is only partly loading programmes any ideas please

started by: MaryA-332366 · last update: 1264268178 · posted: 1263583365

Does anyone have any tips for getting a red wine stain out of a cream coloured silk top? I daren't put water on it in case it fixes the stain. It's one of my favourite tops and I will be devastated if I can't wear it again. HELP!

started by: dianawetzel · last update: 1262766932 · posted: 1262535214

I would like to buy a food processor or mixer for making cakes and bread. Some I've looked at seem to be more for chopping/shredding/making soup. Can anyone recommend one with a dough hook and a tool for cake making ... I want to spend around €50-€70

started by: earthsent · last update: 1259313542 · posted: 1258618986

any ideas where i can buy really nice scented candles, something like jo malone rather than cheap syntheticy smelling things.

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