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Hi there, I am subletting from an acquaintance who has gone to Spain for six months and is letting me have his apartment real cheap. I can cope with the state of the place generally and have given it a good spring clean and I don't mind hauling stuff up 4 flights of stairs for the Ofenheizung. The one thing I just can't stand and can't seem to do anything about is the state of the loo. Aforementioned acquaintance appears not to have cleaned it - ever! Obviously the water in Berlin is really hard and there are brown limescale marks below the waterline which I have attempted to remove to no avail. They are apparently immune to all normal toilet cleaning products - none of them make a difference at all. I am becoming frustrated. Does anyone know of anything I can use to get a nice clean loo? Thanks

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Any advice on the best all round wireless mobile internet service please

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Hello I want to buy a home in the Rhine phals Germany and I have found a number of estate agents but my german is still a bit rusty all I need to know roughly speaking is what are the basic costs of having a property in Germany like council tax and water standing orders electric standing order are they very high? I know it depends on where.and how big a house but what do you think in general, It is just that I have a french pension and health care so I will not be able to transfer them I don't think? so I will have to keep a house in France aswell hence the question about the general basic charges. The charges here are all the same for water and electric no mater where you are. I hope someone can help me thanks

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I'd like to buy a futon and I know there are loads of places that do them but I'm not sure how thick it should be or what's the best cover to go for? Also if anyone can recommend a particular futon shop I'd be grateful. I want to use it as a mattress not a sofa bed so I don't need the wooden frame bit.

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I need an antique ring resizing can anyone recommend a jewwellers?

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I've recently been diagnosed with a dustmite allergy and wondered if anyone has any useful advice on how to combat this around the home and advaice on where I can buy a hypoallergenic pillow. Thanks

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Ive been given loads of homegrown tomatoes and some green chillies - great but Ive no clue what to do with the chilies and no idea how strong they are. Anyone got a good recipe, pref veggie?

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Where can I get a reasonable/cheap laminate floor to replace my carpet includign fitting - room is approx 3.5m x 4m and am looking for wood effect, oak colour. Cheers

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I'm going to be making the Christmas cake soon, and am going to need a big storage tin to keep it. So far Ive only seen rather small ones. Has anyone seen any anywhere which are over 45 cms?

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I got this Curry plant from the garden centre anyone know if it is possible to use it in cooking.

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I will be buying 2 mobile phones for irregular use, anyone have any tips on which phone deal would be a good one?

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The birdbath in my garden has gone all green and slimy. Whats the best way to clean it without putting anything which might hurt the birdies?

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Hi, Does anyone recommend an english speaking company who can make and instal drapes and blinds? Thanks, Derek

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I heard there are flat rate deals for electricity which I woudl be interested in as i have a couple of computers and other electrical equipment on for most of the time - would be good to know if such rates exist and how they would compare to my current electricity payments.

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I'd like to have a go at growing some tomatoes in hanging baskets and some potatoes - I have also seen potato bags where you grow them and then harvest them from a zip pocket. I have a balcony which gets the afternoon sun - would this be enought to grow veg? Tips about growing veg/pests etc. welcome!

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Hi there - I have been offered a really nice apartment in Kreuzberg overlooking Viktoriapark through a friend of a friend who's going back to Oz. Said friend of friend is leaving a fair bit of stuff and is offering the place conditional on the new tenant buying this stuff. Basically, it's the kitchen white goods (washing machine, fridge freezer and table+ chairs, 1 IKEA sofa bed, IKEA wardrobe and bed plus other bits and pieces and he's open to offers and will take the highest bidder. I'm not entirely sure that some of the stuff wasn't purchased second hand originally - can't really ask but don't know what to offer - any advice appreciated

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My husbands company is moving us from the UK to Berlin at the end of August for 2 years. We are South African and the kids (Age 7 & 8) will most probably be going to the Berlin British School in Charlottenburg. I want to know a bit more about how accommodation for expats works over there before the company sends us over to look at accommodation. Where does the expat community normally live and is Charlottenburg a good area to live in? Are there houses with backyards available or is it all apartments in Berlin? I assume Charlottenburg is a suburb, how far is that from the city? Any advise or links to websites would be great. Thank You

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Can anyone recommend someone who will make a Roman blind for my kitchen - I already have the fabric but need some sort of lining.

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HELP - does anyone know where I can hire a rug doctor carpet cleaning machine ? Alternatively, does anyone have any tips for removing orange juice / vomit (friend's toddler with sickness bug came to visit!!!!) from a light coloured carpet (80% wool)???? Thanks Katie

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I have a south facing bedroom and could do with a blackout blind as I find I am waking too early now the clocks have changed - can anyone recommend a reasonable company which could supply and fit one for me. Window dimension is approx 1.1m wide x 1.86 drop.

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