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I have a south facing bedroom and could do with a blackout blind as I find I am waking too early now the clocks have changed - can anyone recommend a reasonable company which could supply and fit one for me. Window dimension is approx 1.1m wide x 1.86 drop.

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I want to buy a new tv and move into the 21st century with a flatscreen and would be very grateful for any recommendations. I want one with good sound which doesn't boom as I am on the second floor of an altbau and am conscious of not disturbing my neighbours above and below. My living room is quite big (6x4) so I don't want anything too small either or I won't be able to see it. I heard Sony are pretty much the best but would like to hear about other makes before I decide. Thanks Sophie

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anyone still actually use real candles on their tree ??? It seems sooooo traditional and I would love to recreate a real Christmas atmosphere, smells etc. etc. I will buy a real tree for the authentic pine fragrance - advice re:candles appreciated - don't suppose you can get good fakes or similar??? My landlady has installed smoke alarms and I don't want to annoy the neighbours if heat from the candles constantly sets them off!!!!!!! Aaargh!

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Looking for retro furniture at a reasonable price - will take from municipal tips to restore or junk shops. Is there a furniture recyling place in Berlin where you can exchange stuff??? unwashed and somewhat slightly dazed ....

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to skim and repair wall damaged by removing a wall mounted shelf and cupboard. Wall is approx. 2.20 cm high x 3m wide. Would like rough quote if poss. Cheers.

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I am moving into my girlfriend's place at the end of October and need to rent a van to move my stuff and possibly find a couple of guys to help me carry stuff up and down a few flights of stairs. My place is on the first floor of a Neubau, but my girlfriend's place is the 4th floor of an altbau. I have a pine wardrobe (splits into two bits) and quite a bulky sofa bed (weighs a ton) which are the main things I'm concerned about getting there. My place is in Neukoelln, the new place is in Prenzlauer Berg. Anyone know how expensive calling the professionals in might be in comparison. Cheers for any replies.

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We are new to Berlin - hi everyone on this forum. Anyone know where to buy a replacement oven door for a Leisure Rangemaster 100 - we brought it to Berlin and the bottom small oven door was smashed by the removal guys. Obviously we will have to order it from the UK presumably but would be chuffed if there;s a recommended site - so far I can only find replacement elements and other small bits etc. Cheers

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Hi there! I live in an altbau which has sanded floorboards. The apartment is 90m2, basically three large rooms approx. 25m2 each. My problam is that the varnish is coming off after years of wear and tear (from previous tenants not just me!) and I would like to restore the floorboards. ANyone know where I can hire a sander and can anyone recommend a suitable hardwearing varnish ? I heard that some of the paints and varnishes in Germany are not as strong as some you get in the UK and that there are a lot of natural products available= I don't want to go through the agony of the sanding and varnishing only to have it wear off after a few months. My other thought was to have someone do the whole job for me but I would need to know in advance what it is likely to cost. I am also happy to assist if someone wants to do the bulk of the work (paid of course!). Thanks.

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I live in an Altbau which is pretty cool even during the hottest spells. However, we only have windows on one side so it's hard to get a through draught. I have contemplated air conditioning - probably not fixed installation as that would incur having to get the landlord's permission and I imagine it would be too expensive to be worth it. Anyone have any experience with portable air conditioning units? Mainly - do they actually work any better than the standard fans? how cost effective are they - will they send my electricity bill soaring even higher????

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We are hosting a small wine and cheese evening and a colleague recommended this amazing cheese shop in Berlin, but I can't for the life of me remember the name. Can you help?

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I have a contract with Vattenfall which I took on from the previous tenant and decided to stay with as I was told they are the old BEWAG and allegedly the best of the companies to deal with. I am currently paying just over €700 on the basis that the rate is fixed until the end of the year, but feel that I am being charged top whack. I would like to know what other suppliers work out at to make a comparison and possibly switch to another supplier. How do I find out which companies offer a cheaper supply, how reliable are the competitors and has anybody had any positive/negative feedback regarding dealings with other energy supply companies??

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where can I buy one in Berlin - preferably from a selection, not just the basic silver model?

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Can anyone recommend a handyman/joiner who can build a small cupboard for me to hide some pipes and a meter which need to be accessed but I can't stand looking at them. The cupboard would have to be fixed to the wall obviously so I presume I need someone to come and custom make it for me. I have no clue as to cost but don't want to pay a fortune!! The cupboard (at a rough guess) will need to be approx. 85 cm high, 30 cm wide and at least 20 cm deep to cover the piping.

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Thought I would try to make some Yorkshire puds at the weekend but it was a big disaster with the German flour. Do they have SR and plain flour? - I couldn't work it out and so I just bought some Diamant. The puds failed to rise and were inedible. Is it me or is there a difference?

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Hi everyone, I am considering buying a property in Berlin as I understand the market is pretty interesting and it could be a good investment for the future. I have visited the city briefly and looked on Internet sites at properties. I have come across a couple of places which interest me but I would like to know more about the areas. The first place I'm considering is on Brauhofstrasse, Charlottenburg near Richard Wagner Platz. The other apartment is in Mitte on Essener strasse. I would buy the property to use for short vacations in Berlin and probably to let it out for part of the year. Which area is better to go for ? Any major differences in rent between the districts or is rent more based on type/size of property??? How do these areas compare to other areas in Berlin?

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I have a very nice one bedroom flat in Brighton. Is there anybody who would like to swap similar in Berlin for a month or so in the summer? Please email if interested.

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I love IKEA, honest! I just would like something a bit different that doesn;t cost the earth. Been to Stilhaus on Kantstr. but the desinger stuff is a bit too teuer. Does Berlin have anywhere with stuff for different rooms not just your average big German clumpy stuff and not the top of the range designer stuff, something funky to brighten my north facing apartment during these grey winter days?

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I need some help getting my apartment cleaned and decorated before handing it back to my landlord. I desperately need to get my full Kaution back to help with the costs of the new place of I will be in real trouble financially. Obviously I dont want to spend a fortune but I do need some help and its gonna cost something I know. My current place is an altbau so the ceilings are pretty high and I am not too happy about being up a ladder (I have some though). What sort of standard is expected? When I moved in it all seemed pretty ok but I ddint really pay too much attention, regretting it now though. My landlord seems pretty fair in all my dealings so far but how can I make sure he wont be to picky and hang on to some of my Kaution?

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I will be leaving Berlin at the end of February to start up my travels again. I have a few items of furniture which I've acquired over the past few months - nothing special and nothing worth selling on but I don't know how to get rid of stuff. Obviously I can't just dump it with the rest of the rubbish and I don't want to lose my deposit. Can I get the council to take stuff or put it out on the street for people to take if they want ???

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Can anyone recommend a carpet fitter in Berlin?

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