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I'm looking for a pink perspex coffee table and other perspex furniture - any suggestions where to buy? Also any experience with the cardboard furniture - I've seen pieces in magazines but wonder if it's very sturdy even for occasional use.

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I'm coming to Berlin for a year as a student in September. As our uni has no links with Berlin we (there are 3 of us) are out on our ownsome to find accommodation. Any suggestions of the best areas to live in. Don't want to end up miles from the nightlife or have too far to travel to uni after a late night ...

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I want to buy some decent electrical goods but I don't want to pay the earth. I can't afford Miele but what's the next best thing and where's the best place to go?

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I need a desk! Or a computer table. My apartment came with a small table but it's not a good height for my laptop plus we need it at mealtimes. I'm a student so obviously looking for something v.v. cheap - less than €20 if poss.

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Anyone know where I can take electrical stuff to dump? People seem to leave stuff on the streets. Is this ok or do they have some agreement for it to be picked up?

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Kids are finally in school and I can now spend some time settling in after moving here and sorting out the house - at last! So I need to know: Where are the best shops for: DIY products - paint etc Curtain material Deco items for the house - need to make it look a bit more homely - want cushions, lamp shades, candles etc! Hope you can help!

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I have a nice balcony and some window boxes I would like to plant up. I know it's getting a bit late in the year, but lots of my neighbours seem to have made the effort. Does anyone know of a good (cheap) garden centre or place to get a few plants from?

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I am coming to Berlin later this year and hope to stay for around six months. Is it easy to rent an appartment for a short term let? Where should I look?

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Is it true that most people rent in Germany as opposed to buying?

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Can anyone explain the difference between these two types of rentals, it's all a bit confusing!

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