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Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio as new Bishop of Rome and the 266th Pope. God bless the Pope!

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Hello, I am curious on the difficulties of starting a data science company. Growing up I always loved math and computers, and I always wanted to start a business of my own. I am now a sophomore at my college, and I am going to do a double major in business analytics (data science), and sports management. I got into business analytics, because I love math and computers. I also looked into to the job market, and it helped me love the major even more. I got into a sports management major, because I wanted to do it as a minor, but my college would only offer it as a major, so I am doing that. Let's say I don't care about money to much, but if I own a business and my salary is $60,000 I will be happy.Anyways lets get into the meat of the question. If I wanted to start a data science consulting business that focuses on sports teams, but can help many small business is that possible? For sports teams I am not talking about the four major leagues, but minor league teams such as the United States Hockey League. I would also rather focus on helping them increasing ticket sales, and personal decisions would be an extra thing I could charge, but not focus on.I got off work, had a few brooskis and gain the courage to ask this question. Please do not kill me, but I would appreciate the constructive criticism. I hope you have a great week, and a great life.Edits: Grammar and spelling. I always had to double check my typing.Edit Number 2: Thank you for the responses. I would rather take advice from experts, than make my own decision. You guys and gals will help me be more successful in the future, and I really appreciate that.

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Singaporeans are very lucky to have a leader like Lee Kuan Yew. Goodbye LKY, goodbye.

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Great win for Andy Murray! A well deserved win!

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I am calling to all Filipino association leaving in France or any part of E.U to ask donation to your KABABAYAN who is suffering to collect any kind of donation.I can try to help by spreading this NEWS!pls reply where can we sent our donation to sent it to Philippines.(this posted from yahoo)to those who are abroad and have access to WATER PURIFICATION TABLESplease buy what you can and send it to red cross Philippinesthis will help increase the supply of potable water and willhelp lower water borne diseasesthis donation is easy to purchase and send though couriershope this suggestion will help--------------------------------------------------lets move swiftly, courageously and steadfastly but lets be weary and not allow people to take advantage of the situation

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Is anyone else glued to BBC World watching these miners resurface after more than 2 months?? It's wonderful to see them in such good shape and reunited with their families at last. It's been quite an eventful year for Chile with the earthquake in February and now this amazing rescue. It's good to know there is a bit of German technology (the winch and cable) helping them!

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It's looking good guys!!!!

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The World Country Dance Federation (W.C.D.F.) Presents The 3rd Annual Individual Line, Couples, Pro-Am &Teams World Championships @ Wunderland Theme Park City of KalkarGriether Street 110-120D-47546KalkarNordrhein - WestfalenGermany 49(0) 2824/9100 1st – 5th Jan 2009 more information @ Worldcdf.com and click on the schedule link These World Championships will be Royal Style, where the best Country Dancers will challenge each other to become “World Champion” in Country Western Dancing. With pleasure, we invite you to participate in this truly wonderful and challenging event. Become a Royal, or even better,  become a  Royal World Champion other to become  Champion in

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