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Hello I'm selling my beloved Maltese puppy, he has been vaccinated chipped and wormed and had a health check is fully house trained and loves to walks and cuddles good with kids and other dogs the only reason I'm selling due to new work circumstances I will not be able to provide the care he need all the attention mum and dad is very healthy >>>>>>Email>>>>>darrelallen07@gmail.com Current vaccinations, Veterinarian examination, Health certificateMaltese male puppy very sweet. Will come withhealth certificate from the vet shots wormed food toys blanket. For moreinfo whatsApp at +971503818085 

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Looking to adopt a dog and prefer to go to one of the animal charities rather than buy a puppy. Any recommendations?

started by: Manuel-10068508 · last update: 1455833195 · posted: 1455833195

I am looking for a dog sitter who takes dogs into their own home, walks them regularly as I have two working dogs that need a lot of exercise. My dogs are well trained but I need a home where you dont have any dogs of your own because I prefer my dogs to be the only ones in the home and no cats as my doggies are prone to chasing them!

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Can you buy a worming tablet over the counter for cats in Germany. And how difficult are they to administer?

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I would like to adopt cat/kitten. I live with my twins 14 years old boys. The 3 of us lived with cats all our lives. We used to have several cats back home. Most of them were rescued. We beleive that we can offer a good loving forever home for a cat.

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Hey all, I'm looking into the cost of getting a pooch and want to facotr in the cost of neutering, vaccinating and registering. Can any give me and approximate cost? Also, what brand of dog food do you buy fo yours? Is there a 'preferred' dog food in Germany?

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Is adopting a cat in Berlin possible? is there a rescue charity that collects and neuters strays for rehoming?  

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Can anyone pointbme where I can find a legit breeder of French bulldogs?

started by: Seaprincess · last update: 1433253452 · posted: 1432905603

To all cat owners, where did you get your cats spayed/neutered? 

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Hi all. Hoping to get some good response for my problem with my cat on this forum. My cat won't drink out of his water bowl (water is changed at least daily). BUT he drinks out of my water glass, the water run-off while I am washing my hands, the shower once I get out, and this morning he was following me around while I watered the plants and he was licking water off the rose leaves.  Is this normal or should I be concerned?

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Hi everybody, I live in Mitte/Prenzlauerberg, and I am desperately looking for a cat sitter. I have to get back to Switzerland for 2 weeks end of december. Does anyone know of any person or agency doing cat sitting in berlin? Thanks a LOT for your very the help, Isabella

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My niece's dog has been found to have a lump growing on her backside and though we're deperately trying to raise the money to have the surgery, we know that little can be done since it's 75% certainty of cancer.  My question is how do you tell a 6 year old about the dog's condition? We've seen her fondness on the dog and though we know it would break her heart, we need to tell her the soonest. Has anyone here had gone throught the same thing?

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We've recently started a tropical fish aquarium and just added some new fish to our tropical tank. But after about a week I noticed that the new ones were being nipped in the tail by the old residents. Is there a way of separating the fishes in the tank? Can you buy screens or dividers to isolate a fish?  

started by: John Hendrix · last update: 1415440522 · posted: 1415027002

But not just anywhere on the house: it's usually on my bed or the pile of clothing! Has anyone had experienced this too? 

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Does anyone knows of a breeder or a decent and trusted petshop local to Berlin for a French bulldog puppy? We looked in a few pet shops but they are 1000euros which is massively over priced for us. Preferred that the puppy is supplied with all jabs and passport.  

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I was just wondering what would be the average price of dog walkers/pet sitter? Do they differ significantly per area?

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Need a recommendation for a veterinarian near Tiergarten. Need to have my dogs passport updated for an upcoming travel.

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A friend who's planning onrelocating to Berlin had asked me if Berlin is as dog-friendly as France is. And what are the im portant things he must remember if he's to travel here with his dog. I don't own any pet nor plans on owning one so I'd appreciate much from the readers for feedback on this. Thank you!

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Are there taxi services for pets here in Berlin?

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Does anyone have a reliable pet sitter they can recommend within Kreuzberg?

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