Animal sanctuary

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Is adopting a cat in Berlin possible? is there a rescue charity that collects and neuters strays for rehoming?  


Berlina1 1443610719

Yes. In Nuekolln there's Sampfoten.

Kartoffelkopf 1443703943

Thanks very much for that. Any idea if they want volunteers?

Harry Upski 1443782815

The Tierheim Berlin have lots of well cared for animals that are neutered, vaccinated and groomed.

Berlina1 1444051213

No idea if they want volunteers or not. Sorry.

Also perhaps look at your local vets. They will probably have animals wanting homes.

Kartoffelkopf 1444641076

Thanks for the help. I will definitely have a look in vet windows / on pin boards to see if anyone needs a home.

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