Do you travel to Cyprus? can you help?

0 Replies DO YOU TRAVEL FROM CYPRUS TO GERMANY We are searching for people who are flying from Cyprus to help us to transfer dogs to Germany At Cyprus Dogs Rehoming Association we have made it our aim to help Cyprus dogs in need to be homed to dog-loving people in Germany or anywhere else that can give our dogs a happy future. To date we have helped nearly 400 dogs to find new and loving homes outside Cyprus. Our dogs are delivered direct into the hands of their new forever homes. The dogs we send would otherwise spend their entire existence in dog shelters or, even worse, would meet an untimely end after spending a sad existence in a dog pound or on the road. As victims of our own success we find that we can home more dogs than we have space for on the flights we have available and therefore we are searching for people who would take one or more dogs with them on their flight. There is no cost or inconvenience to the traveller. We bring the dogs to the airport in plenty of time, we take care of all the formalities, and see to the loading of the dogs. When you arrive at your destination the dogs will be met and handled by our people who will be expecting them. Dear dog-loving travellers, please consider our request and help us in this way. You will be helping not only to save a dog's life, but to give it a wonderful future. Please call us, we will be happy to discuss with you any questions you may have. Many thanks… Contact: email: or direct to me through this board Helen


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