Hamster or guinea pig or gerbil

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Hi there!I have promised my girlfriend a pet and so far I have considered all of the above but would like some feedback on habits, lifespan, cost etc. before taking the plunge. I'm not fussed on fish and a dog/cat is not low maintenance enough. Any advice appreciated.


Dave W-332578 1235164403

What about a Rabbit, you don't say if you have a garden however we have had an 'indoor' rabbit that used a litter tray. Low maintenance and you can take them for walks on a harness.

jsharpe 1235164507

Cats are low maintenance enough also much more interesting and funny than hamsters or gerbils.

Joe-332307 1235206544

I'd worry about cats doing their stuff all over the place when I was out and I guess they would cost a lot more (not just to buy in the first place but to feed etc?) A friend of mine rented from a lady with a Siamese which peed all over his clothes when he was looking after it for the weekend! Does yours stay indoors all the time?

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