Moving from UK to Berlin with rodents

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Our family is moving from the UK to Berlin end August and we have 2 fancy rats and 1 guinea pig. Leaving them behind is not an option as much as I would like to grab the opportunity. I have visited numerous German and British government websites, but they mostly focus on cats, dogs and ferrets. It seems as if rodents are allowed to move between EU countries without paper work and vet check, but they aren't very specific. Has anyone done something similar? We will stay in a hotel for up to a week before our furniture arrive and I will have to board them somewhere. Anyone know of such places because not all pet shops offer that facility. We are going to rent a house for 2 years and will fly over early July to see what is available in Charlottenburg. How tolerant are people if you have rodents as pets. Will it be a problem? I will phone BA on Monday to ask about transport and cost, but any tips would be welcome. Thanks


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Our neighbours have a white rat and a python - not kept in close contact obviously. As far as I know no-on in the building has objected to them - let's face it they are quieter than dogs barking constantly and cats chasing toys so I can't see why you would meet with opposition. Some hotels in Berlin will let you bring pets - have you tried contacting any? There is a website which with places that take pets - not sure if it's just cats and dogs but might be worth a look:

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