Neighbours dog is annoying me

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My neighbours have a small dog which is ok most of the time but it is very yappy and recently seems to bark at the drop of a hat. I am sick of being woken up at weekends - my only chance of peace and quiet and just generally fed up of hearing it when I am home. It's owners don't seem to notice - they are German, 50/60 ish and I get on ok with them - i.e. to say "Guten Tag" if we meet on the stairs but thats about it. I dont want to upset them - obviously they have lived in the building much longer than I have but my German is quite basic and I don;t want to upset/annoy/offend them by saying the wrong thing. Not sure what I should do, any advice?


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I had a similar problem with teh cat upstairs running after a ball or something every night when I got home. It was driving me nuts but rather than fall out with the neighbours I tend to go into another room at the back where I can';t hear it or just come in a bit later as I worked out it's when the guy above comes back, he plays with it for a while and it all goes quiet after half an hour or so. Obviously not as annoying as constant barking but maybe you could work out if its particular comings and goings it barks at and try to avoid these or next time you see your neighbours with the dog say something like "Oh, who's a noisy fellow then!!?" and see if they take the hint.

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If you prefer not to kick up dust, seriously consider ear plugs, which drastically reduce noise and are comfortable if you buy the wax ones. I have used them for years as my flat is in a noisy part of town.

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