Normal or should be concerned?

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Hi all. Hoping to get some good response for my problem with my cat on this forum. My cat won't drink out of his water bowl (water is changed at least daily). BUT he drinks out of my water glass, the water run-off while I am washing my hands, the shower once I get out, and this morning he was following me around while I watered the plants and he was licking water off the rose leaves.  Is this normal or should I be concerned?


Rachelle Mae 1416925091

Our cat is like that.  He plays with the water in the bowl and sloshes it all over the floor, skates around on it but he rarely drinks it.  But give him a running tap and his head is under it like a shot. 

littlelady-984847 1417169392

Good to know I'm not the only one, what a relief! :)

Brandon-924261 1418121936

Mine have two water bowls but will only drink from the one with the best view outside ... go figure

MrAL 1418809656

Animals, humans included, can unconsciously crave and seek out substances which have minerals or other trace elements they are lacking in their diet.  He may need salt or some metal or earth-based element that he's finding in these other sources of water. 

KishaA 1421075860

Have any of you used those fancy water bowls? We did but still our cats refused to drink from there. They'd rather drink from old ice cream containers and pot plant dishes. That's the day I decided cats are weird. 

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