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Help! I will be visiting Berlin in October, I need to have information of which parks I can walk my dog. Also, my toy poodle and I will arrive from London at Tegel airport and I wonder if anyone knows the airport well enough to tell me if there is anywhere outside the airport where I could walk her a bit before we take a taxi to our hotel? I would be so grateful a reply Karina karina


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Berlin is full of parks, from small to the huge. They seem to be everywhere, not the manicured sort you get in England, but wild. I have been in many and seen dogs in all of them so you won't have any problems.

Louise H 1222674382

At Tegel you need to go right out of the airport buildings and the inner ring and down towards the main exit road and there are some small grass verges. Inside the airport area you will struggle as it's just a mass of cars and taxis vying for space. I would suggest you just get a taxi and ask the driver to stop as soon as you get out of the airport so your little dog can do what it needs to!

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You will find most Berliners love dogs - you can take them just about everywhere with you except food stores. They are even welcome in restaurants. The only park I know of where dogs are banned is the Britz garden. If you go off in more rural woodland or forest be careful of ticks. If the head gets under the dog's skin it can cause infections and complications. You can get tick removers from most vets in Berlin - you attach it to the tick's head and twist to remove it whole (YUK!). Hope you have a lot of fun in Berlin with your dog!

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Thank you very much for your response,
regards Karina


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