Saying goodbye to a pet

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My niece's dog has been found to have a lump growing on her backside and though we're deperately trying to raise the money to have the surgery, we know that little can be done since it's 75% certainty of cancer.  My question is how do you tell a 6 year old about the dog's condition? We've seen her fondness on the dog and though we know it would break her heart, we need to tell her the soonest. Has anyone here had gone throught the same thing?

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VS1977 1415179249

Sorry to hear about your dog. We had to get our cat put down 2 weeks ago. Had to tell my 8 year old son that the vet couldn't make her any better, so he was giving her an injection so she wouldn't feel any pain, she would be happy but she wouldn't ever wake up. 

He did seemed to understand although I see he misses him.

the_shyguy-924255 1415440692

A friend's son had to say goodbye too. His parents told him everything (he's 4) so I guess your niece will too. On the way to the vet they stopped over the dog's favorite park and had them play and took lots of pictures. Maybe you could do the same.

Rachelle Mae 1415699502

So sorry to hear that. Why not have your pet cremated and make a little memorial for him? 

Reeta-895419 1417089615

Thank you everyone for the advices. 

Rachelle Mae, we're actually considering the idea. Thanks

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