Ticks in winter??

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I am in Berlin. It is 3 am. and I just found a tick crawling up my leg. Okay, I went for a long walk in the woods this afternoon, but it's been snowing all day for crying out loud. Maybe this tick was hibernating in the dog bed, I don't know...do ticks hibernate? All the dog/cat bedding is sealed in bags for the moment. Has anyone heard of ticks in February? Can anyone help me out here? I apologize for the slightly desperate tone, but ticks in the wee hours tend to get to me. Especially in the middle of a snowstorm.Many thanks in advance,Akell


Freddie-332239 1234867084

mmm that seems pretty early in the year to me - I always assumed they were a warmer weather hazard and I can't say I have ever noticed them in the colder months. Maybe your hibernating theory is correct. Presumably you have one of those little tick removers from the vets. They are invaluable! I live in fear of popping the head off trying to remove it and then the headless body getting bigger and bigger inside my dog like some kind of alien aaaaaarrrggggh!! Thanks for the info - I am off to check my dogs now!

Sara-332419 1234872324

Are you sure it was a tick and not just some other creepy crawly beetly thing?? I thought they didn't crawl about just got their gnashers stuck into you and buried their heads under your skin as soon as poss to devour your blood. Ugh!

Louise H 1234949369

Have a look here for some more information: http://berlin.angloinfo.com/countries/germany/petthreats.asp

There is also a link to a German page with everything you ever wanted to know (and forget) about ticks!!!

Hope you haven't found any more in the meantime.

Deediva 1234989003

I was "attacked" by a tick during a walk in Tegeler forest - I had no clue what it was but a German friend noticed it and got it off me straight away before telling me how they get their heads under your skin, suck your blood, get bigger and bigger until they almost explode and you can't get them out or if you do you end up breaking the body off and leaving the head inside you. Ugh! It certainly put me off going out in shorts for a while and I don't walk through thick undergrowth anymore, just stick to the paths but I don't know if this makes any difference.

akell 1234999723

Hello Everyone, Nice of you all to answer! Too bad about the subject...

Yes, I am sure it was a tick. I have had the displeasure of seeing quite a few of the little %$"/!.

The vet was also puzzled, so I showed her the "body"( It was so strange that I kept the thing, extra crispy from my handy Zippo, in a test tube), and she declared it a wood tick. The forsters are doing some work around the Grunewaldsee and it must have been under some bark which came off a tree trunk and hitched a ride on my pant leg.

I am doing my best to forget the whole thing ever happened. I do not want to start frantically slapping myself whenever I feel something touch me!

Thanks very much for the interest, and take care,


Sara-332419 1235039364

Does this support your tick hibernation theory? I guess it does. No need to worry about them for a few months ...they don't lay eggs inside do they?

akell 1235251003

Well I found a lot of scary tick facts, most of which I really did not want to know, but the fact that they do live for several years and hibernate in Winter at least lets me know there does not have to be a house infestation to see a tick in Feb.

"...both larval and adult ticks hibernate in large numbers, whereas the number of nymphs that hibernate may be large or small, varying from year to year."

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