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A friend who's planning onrelocating to Berlin had asked me if Berlin is as dog-friendly as France is. And what are the im portant things he must remember if he's to travel here with his dog. I don't own any pet nor plans on owning one so I'd appreciate much from the readers for feedback on this. Thank you!

started by: Mary Kaye · last update: 1402500494 · posted: 1401984612

Are there taxi services for pets here in Berlin?

started by: the_shyguy-924255 · last update: 1402060022 · posted: 1399894767

Does anyone have a reliable pet sitter they can recommend within Kreuzberg?

started by: Gerome-924264 · last update: 1402059808 · posted: 1401117818

I'll be away from Berlin for about 2 weeks sometime this summer and I'd like to get a good boarding kennel for my beloved lab. Any suggestions from dog owners out there?

started by: Rachelle Mae · last update: 1401897283 · posted: 1401470857

Can anyone suggest a good and reliable cat hotel? I am looking for a nice place where I can leave my cat from mid of June till July. Would appreciate suggestions/advices.

started by: Leila-924266 · last update: 1401287642 · posted: 1398609201

Does anyone know of a store selling these? I'd also be interested in finding a supplier of organic dog food (in kibble format).

started by: Leila-924266 · last update: 1401198649 · posted: 1400854312

Our dog has a tick on his nose and I'm not quite sure how to remove it. Someone told me pulling would only leave the bite behind and can infect the dog. How does one safely remove a tick?First time dog owner here so I'd appreciate all the help.

started by: Leila-924266 · last update: 1400854107 · posted: 1396974917

Is it ok to give dog cooked bones? We were told it was fine and our dog seems to be loving it. However, lately we've noticed his poo is very white and dry.

started by: Leila-924266 · last update: 1400772033 · posted: 1400672506

Does anyone know what procedure/ practice is done to get dogs neutered? Any recommendations where?

started by: Helena08 · last update: 1399384284 · posted: 1399045425

For all those experienced with owning pet fish, which one is more suitable to have (we have a 5 year old son): saltwater or freshwater aquarium? I would appreciate your comments. Thanks.

started by: Carmen A · last update: 1398591250 · posted: 1398356042

Is it highly recommended to have a pet insurance here in Berlin? Any recommenedations for good ones?

started by: Rachelle Mae · last update: 1397729709 · posted: 1397492004

How does one go about in reporting animal neglect or cruelty here in Berlin? What proper authorities do we need to notify and would there be emergency numbers available? Would appreciate any information.

started by: Anna Mei · last update: 1396970049 · posted: 1393925809

We will be leaving for Singapore by May and I am currently looking for an airline that will allow my small dog in the cabin during the long flight. I'd like to ask if anyone had used any airlines or pet courier services in Berlin going to Singapore, I'd appreciate any suggestions and advices. Thank you in advance.

started by: gummybear-924269 · last update: 1395931355 · posted: 1394183587

Hi all, do you know where I can adopt or buy angora rabbit in Berlin? 

started by: MaryPoppins-951052 · last update: 1395664599 · posted: 1395242228

Just arrived in Berlin and am now settling in at our new apartment. We'll be flying in our cat in a week or two from the US. Just wanted to know, how safe are sedatives given to cats aboard the plane? I haven't consulted a vet yet and was wondering if anyone could give me information ahead.

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How much would it cost for a dog vaccination here?

started by: ScoobyDoo1-895437 · last update: 1392804633 · posted: 1392627982

I'm looking into owning one of these as a pet; can anyone recommend a place where I can find a good breed? 

started by: Nicole-924277 · last update: 1389347007 · posted: 1389190702

My boyfriend and I would like to adopt a cat. Please let me know if you have a kitty available for adoption. Thanks!

started by: Sofija-924278 · last update: 1389173410 · posted: 1389087808

Are there pet photographers here in Berlin? I'd be grateful if you could recommend one that.

started by: Fairy Floss · last update: 1387280753 · posted: 1386922771

Are there pet supply stores here that specialises in Holistic food products? Just moved in and I'm used to buying natural dog foods and I can't seem to get what I need on the typical pet supply stores here.

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