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We rescued a beautiful German Shepherd almost 3 weeks ago. He is very intelligent and has a great personality. I think he and we would greatly benefit from obedience training classes. Can anyone recommend a good one? Don't mind travelling.

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How much does it cost to take a dog microchipped here in Berlin?

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Hi everyone. I am planning on adopting a tiny dog and would like to inquire if there are there rules here with regard to dogs in apartments?

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We have two male canaries and recently, one of them started to grow a very ugly growth on the back of his neck which is getting bigger by the day.  Does anybody know anything about what this could be and how I could treat it?

started by: Stormgirl · last update: 1382708690 · posted: 1382445986

I've been reading some threads about dogs and thought this would be a nice place to share my problem. I have a 2 yr old pug who seems to be afraid of everything surrounding him. I have tried to show calm and assertive direction and a matter-of-fact attitude, but nothing seems to work. Can anyone suggest anything? 

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Help! Our cat has started peeing everywhere except her litter box. Got her about five months ago and we've taught her to pee on her litter box. What could be the reason for this behaviour? How do we get our cat to stop and how do I remove the smell of urine?

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Been living in Berlin for a couple of months now and would like to adopt a dog as company and I was told that this would involve registering the dog and paying taxes. Can anyone explain how to file one? And how much would the tax cost?  

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I have a siamese fighting fish who is always on the bottom of the tank and is loosing colour. Had him for about 5 months now.  Is he sick or is this normal? My kids are upset because of this so any help will be greatly appreciated.

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I've been looking for organic dog treats -- can anyone point me to the right direction?

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Based on the amount of posts on dogs, looks like majority of expats here are dog lovers, so best that I ask this question here. I know there's no such things as "hypoallergenic dogs" so what would anyone suggest the type of breed for a family with allergen problems?

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My dog is shedding lots of hair --- should I be worried?

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A friend is moving and wants me to take her dog (a mutt). I live in an apartment, and not avery big one at that. I had dogs when I was growing up but we lived in a place with a good amt of land for the dogs to frolic around on. I'd like to hear some opinions on having a dog in an apt. I think it's not cool but my friend (who's currently in a house with a small yard) thinks the dog will be fine. Thanks.

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A friend is looking for a gentle groomer for medium sized dogs; any ideas?

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I am looking for a pomeranian puppy or any similar breed. I would prefer to adopt it than buy it. If anybody knows anything please email me

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My dog is having problems socializing with other dogs. Can anyone recommend a good dog trainer within Prenzlauer Berg?    

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What arrangements would be needed to trasnport a dog from Singapore to Berlin?

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The subject of pet cemeteries came up during a conversation with a friend and it just piqued my interest: is there one here in Berlin? If so where?

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where and how does one go about on adopting an animal (specifically a cat) here in berlin?

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We recently adopted a 5 month old kitten and need to take her to the vets for a check up and  sterilisation. Can anyone recommend an English speaking vet?

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Anyone with any ideas how long it takes to get a dog released following all the medical checks at the international airport

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