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Our family is moving from the UK to Berlin end August and we have 2 fancy rats and 1 guinea pig. Leaving them behind is not an option as much as I would like to grab the opportunity. I have visited numerous German and British government websites, but they mostly focus on cats, dogs and ferrets. It seems as if rodents are allowed to move between EU countries without paper work and vet check, but they aren't very specific. Has anyone done something similar? We will stay in a hotel for up to a week before our furniture arrive and I will have to board them somewhere. Anyone know of such places because not all pet shops offer that facility. We are going to rent a house for 2 years and will fly over early July to see what is available in Charlottenburg. How tolerant are people if you have rodents as pets. Will it be a problem? I will phone BA on Monday to ask about transport and cost, but any tips would be welcome. Thanks

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Hi, my name is Kirsten and I live in Rathaus Steglitz, Berlin. I have two beautiful dwarf rabbits. Unfortunately I will be away from July 17th until Augsut 13th (approx) and all of my friends are unavailable. I am looking for someone, possibly with experience in looking after rabbits, who would be willing to take care of them during this period. Please email me for further information.Thank you =)kirtenkermy@googlemail.com

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We took the plunge and bought a pair of Russian dwarf hamsters (two females) having been assured that this type can live in pairs unlike Syrian hamsters who are solitary. For the first few days they were so timid we hardly saw them and I began to wonder if they were a figment of my imagination. Now they are a bit more used to us and the noise of the apartment they come out and play, scampering around their cages at the speed of light and running in sync on their respective wheels. We have two adjoining cages with a tube inbetween and there is a house and a wheel in each and one of the cages has a little turret attachment they can run around in. All so far, so good. The problems started when we tried to clean the cages and put them in these little exercise balls the guy from the pet shop recommended. We could only tempt one of them into a ball and she happily roamed around. The other would not be coaxed so we gave up and left her in one cage whilst we cleaned the other. Since then (so we think) they have started to fight and I have tapped the side of the cage to stop them on more than one occasion. One of them has also taken to sleeping in the turret attachment. Unfortunately I notice she eats her own excrement there too. Is this normal? Surely not? I love them to bits, they really are sooooo cute and entertaining but we do worry about the scrapping and would appreciate some advice.

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My neighbours have a small dog which is ok most of the time but it is very yappy and recently seems to bark at the drop of a hat. I am sick of being woken up at weekends - my only chance of peace and quiet and just generally fed up of hearing it when I am home. It's owners don't seem to notice - they are German, 50/60 ish and I get on ok with them - i.e. to say "Guten Tag" if we meet on the stairs but thats about it. I dont want to upset them - obviously they have lived in the building much longer than I have but my German is quite basic and I don;t want to upset/annoy/offend them by saying the wrong thing. Not sure what I should do, any advice?

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Looking for breeders of GSD's or German Shephard Dogs in the area. Would be willing to travel to find the right puppy Thanks in advance for your help.

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I am in Berlin. It is 3 am. and I just found a tick crawling up my leg. Okay, I went for a long walk in the woods this afternoon, but it's been snowing all day for crying out loud. Maybe this tick was hibernating in the dog bed, I don't know...do ticks hibernate? All the dog/cat bedding is sealed in bags for the moment. Has anyone heard of ticks in February? Can anyone help me out here? I apologize for the slightly desperate tone, but ticks in the wee hours tend to get to me. Especially in the middle of a snowstorm.Many thanks in advance,Akell

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Hi there!I have promised my girlfriend a pet and so far I have considered all of the above but would like some feedback on habits, lifespan, cost etc. before taking the plunge. I'm not fussed on fish and a dog/cat is not low maintenance enough. Any advice appreciated.

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Does somebody know any good veterinarian in Berlin for my cat? Maybe in the area of Mitte. Thanks

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Hi my name is Becky I am 30 years old and I live in the UK. I am an experienced pet and house sitter. I have worked in Portugal, South of France and Monaco as well as the UK. I also have experience in kennels, some veterinary nurse experience and I have worked a a Dog Warden. I am available short or long term and any pet considered. I am also available as a couple if you prefer. If you are interested please get in touch.

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Hi, Does somebody know any shop for animal products in the area of Mitte? Thanks

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Hi there, I've recently lost my cat-sitting partner and would very much like to find a new cat-sitting exchange partner. Of course, I'm happy to look in on dogs, but can't host them in my apartment. I will be away in the UK and Canada from July 8 until August 3 and need someone either to take my cat, Patches, or to visit her regularly. As I say I would like to establish a long-term exchange and intend to be in Berlin over Christmas. Also, although I'm less happy to think of boarding Patches, if you know of reasonable kennel situations I'd be happy to hear about those. Thanks very much, Robyn

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Hi everybody. I just arrived in Berlin, I live in the Mitte, and I am desperately looking for a cat sitter. I have a urgent problem to solve and need to get back to the Uk for 10 days. Does anyone know of any person or agency doing cat sitting in berlin? Thanks a lot for your very nice help, andy

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Help! I will be visiting Berlin in October, I need to have information of which parks I can walk my dog. Also, my toy poodle and I will arrive from London at Tegel airport and I wonder if anyone knows the airport well enough to tell me if there is anywhere outside the airport where I could walk her a bit before we take a taxi to our hotel? I would be so grateful a reply Karina karina

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this dog is for sale

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I am going away for a week in August and need someone to look after my hamster Colin. He is very cute, pretty antisocial - sleeps all day and runs around in his squeaky wheel for hours on end during the night - make sure you have somewhere you can put his cage away from the bedroom. On the plus side, very low maintenance! Anyone willing to have him for a few days or anyone know of pet shops which offer a pet sitting service?

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Planning on moving to Germany in next six months. Is it possible for me to take my dog Chester with me? What do I need to do and will it take ages to sort out?

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Hello! Anyone need their dogs exercising in Prenzlauerberg? I've got 20 years experience and can offer the service for all sizes and ages. Any day, any time. 5 Euros per dog per walk. Happy to negotiate for additional dogs. Caddywaddy@hotmail.com or 0044 7779 658633 (UK Handy).

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I know I have to have a pet passport to take my dog to the UK but what is the situation to take it on holiday to Italy or Spain - it seems most Germans take their pets with them when they go away (hence the distinct lack of good kennels in my experience anyway) I have looked at self catering options which say pets allowed and am considering taking my dog with me but I am worried about: cost of flying and will she have to go in the hold - do any airlines let them travel in the cabin with you? vet procedure if I needed one availability of same food Would be grateful for any advice, particularly if there's one country which is better for dogs, just want a nice beach holiday somewhere for a couple of weeks and would prefer to take her with me if I can. If not any dog sitters out there in August?

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Help! I will be traveling through the Frankfurt airport with my dog and urgently need information. I have a six hour layover in Frankfurt and need to know if there is a place outside the terminal where I can walk her between flights. She's traveling in the cabin of the air plane so she will be with me during the layover as well. I've received conflicting information about this from the staff at the airport. Has anyone else encountered this situation, or does anyone know the Frankfurt airport well enough to advise me on where I can take her for a walk? Thanks!

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Since I got my pup I have gotten to know a few people with dogs in Berlin and there is one lady I've met regularly when we take our dogs out for a stroll in the park. I hadn't seen her for a while but met her last week. She had been away on holiday, left her dog with a friend, came back and the friend complained that the dog had done its business all over the place even though it is 8 years old and fully house trained. She took the dog back home where it continued to be sick and, so she thought, had an extremely bad case of gastroenteritis. She took the dog to the vet who performed some sort of operation, something to do with the pancreas (my German loses it a bit sometimes but this much I understood). The vet told her to feed the dog on boiled chicken, rice and natural yoghurt and to give insulin. The dog is now super skinny compared to what it was and the insulin levels seem to be increased every time she visits the vet. The vet also insists on blood tests which cost a fortune. She doesn't have pet insurance (don't ask me why) and is becoming very worried about her dog. Does anyone have experience with diabetic dogs or can anyone recommend a good vet. The one my friend is going to appears to be floundering around and guessing what might/might not improve the dog's condition. She is getting pretty desperate. Thanks.

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