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Pet sitter wanted for my two pooches - am off to the States in July - any offers or anyone know of a service which does this - definitely no kennels!

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Hi, I will be traveling Berlin Nice on May 13th with German wings, I have 2 cats but can only take one with me, would anybody be interested in making that trip or is planning to go, please contact me! I am quite desperate, really! Many many thanks G

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Got a new dog - now I want to get all the toys and new colar and treats and so forth. Where might I find a good range? *********&&*******Tiggers don't like honey

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Looking for a dog sitter for my cute little mutt - don't want to leave her in a kennel over the festive period. Anyone know of a reliable friendly person who does dog sitting?

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Got cute puppy - she's gorgeous. Still undecided what to call her. Names I think are cool are poo-pooed by friends. Suggestions for cute little terrier (female) names, cool and cute - remember I have to call her in public parks!!! Cheers!

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Hi there, my boyfriend recently moved over from England to my place in Friedenau and with him Charlie (male, mix of Stafford, Labrador and Dalmatian). It would be great to find company for walks and also someone who occasionally can look after him when we are out (evenings/weekends). Your dog is welcome to our place in return. for contact email me: berlintatze@web.de thanks & see you soon, Janine

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If you're looking for color along with a tiny size, I've certainly got it! My boys are not quite teacups, but right between that and the standard Chi, currently they don't even match the palm of my hand and they have super petite structures. I'm thinking they'll be 2-5lbs, but on the lower side of that, so if size matters, they'd be a great match! One is a gorgeous Black and White with a mostly black coat accented by a white stripe down his face, masking around his nose, a big ring around his neck, white paws, and a tip on his tail, he's so pretty! Another is a deep Black with a tiny patch of white on his chest- he loves to have his belly rubbed! The third is a Deep Chocolate with a tiny patch of white on his chest as well, he's very adventerous and loving! You can't go wrong with any of them, they're all gorgeous now and will just get better with time! They're super sweet, beautiful, and will always put a smile on your face! They,of course, will come pre-spoiled, socialized with pets and people, and will make great loving companions for the entire family. Chihuahua's are a very devoted dog, they love their owners with all their heart, so if that's what you're looking for, you'll get it with any one of them. They will also be vaccinated, vet checked, wormed, and also come with a health guarantee. lovely and outstanding

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Have cute little puppy due to be picked up next week and someone told me I am now liable for dog tax - is this for real or a wind-up?

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Hello, First of all, pleased to meet you all. I'm a volunteer of Society for protection of animals from Murmansk, Russia. Two delegates from our Society're going to take part in the International Companion Animal Welfare Conference in Berlin, which'll be held from 31st of October till 02 of November in "Maritim" hotel. But, unfortunately, they don't speak English at all. That's why we need a help with the translation (from English to Russian) at some workshops, etc. Of course, we won't be asking you to do it for free, but our society have no opportunity to pay you a lot. We can discuss this question. If this info interest you or anyone you know, please, mail me to mspa1996@gmail.com. Thanks a lot in advance.

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Is there any where which sells stuff for dogs which is a bit different from the usual collars, leads etc.???? I want to pamper my babies and get them something special.

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Hi Guys, are there any dog walkers out there? I'm thinking of doing it myself. Anyone close to the Hasenheide area need their dog walking???

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this puppy is 14 weeks old and has a health guarantee for a year and is well socialise and likes to play with kids she can be the best friend you can think of akc registered and we we are in londoni am jelly and waiting to be your client

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Does anyone have any experience with this and is it worth bringing my dog to Berlin for six months?

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I recently moved to Berlin with my two gorgeous little dogs and would love to know the name of a good vet I can rely on and who speaks good English as my German is not so hot yet!

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Is it true there are some snakes that are harmful to dogs in Germany?

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Does anyone have pet insurance? Is it worth it? I have two dogs and I'm worried about the cost of vet bills.

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Does anyone know of a dog sitter or someone who could take care of my little dogs for a few days?

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Does anyone have any information about dog tax in Germany?

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