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Hi! I'm looking to form a small singing group (9 female members approx.) in Berlin around the Neukolln/Kreuzberg area. Rehearsals will likely take place weekly, midweek, during business hours.  Will be doing a mix of a cappella, jazz, blues, etc. If you're interested, send me an email on hofmann.broussard@gmail.com. Some singing experience and ability to read music will be needed but you don't have to be anywhere near professional :) Looking forward to hearing from you! x Christina. 

started by: Christina-Hofmann-905678 · last update: 1501039023 · posted: 1501039023

Hi! I'm looking to form a small singing group (9 female members approx.) in Berlin around the Neukolln/Kreuzberg area. Rehearsals will likely take place fortnightly, late Sunday afternoons, starting September.  Will be doing a mix of a cappella, jazz, blues, etc. If you're interested, send me an email on hofmann.broussard@gmail.com. Some singing experience and ability to read music will be needed but you don't have to be anywhere near professional :)Looking forward to hearing from you!x Christina. 

started by: Bryan-Johnston-861793 · last update: 1465902085 · posted: 1465565247

My son and I may be relocating to Berlin very soon. He plays competitive ice hockey (he's a goalie), and would very much like to continue playing in Germany. Can anyone point me towards some youth hockey teams in the city? Thanks.

started by: Celticwarrior-10068511 · last update: 1456334194 · posted: 1456334194

Can anyone recommend a good bar in Berlin to watch the 6 Nations games this weekend?

started by: Panicky Ann-10068549 · last update: 1456265830 · posted: 1456265830

Has anyone purchased a hoverboard in Germany? We want to buy one for our children but cannot decide whether to buy in UK or here. Advantages and disadvantages. Any information will be most welcome. Thank you.

started by: Yorkshirelass-10068393 · last update: 1455919685 · posted: 1455919685

Looking for links to good Travel Insurance Company that will cover my husband and I for pre-existing medical conditions. 

started by: Almondnut-10068550 · last update: 1455746023 · posted: 1455746023

I am looking for an intercambio group to practise my German. Intermediate level.  I am in Berlin.  

started by: Harry Upski · last update: 1455544088 · posted: 1452205225

Is there a cricket club or casual gathering in Berlin during the summer?

started by: Berlina1 · last update: 1454924312 · posted: 1454594390

Are there amateur or semi-professional boxing events held in Berlin open to spectators? My husband was a former boxer and tires of the over exhuberance of televised fights.

started by: Berlina1 · last update: 1452002771 · posted: 1451912799

Is there an indoor paintball arena any where in the Berlin area or outskirts?

started by: Percy-10044605 · last update: 1450451279 · posted: 1450109050

Anyone know a stockist of used caravans and campervans that offer a guarantee and a speak English?

started by: Horseman Extraordinaire · last update: 1450201840 · posted: 1450127951

 I am planning a Long Ride on horseback for charity from Southern Denmark to Southern Spain starting in April 2017 and I am looking for local advise and information on riding in Germany, particularly riding on roads, tracks and whether there are bridleways etc. Would i be allowed to ride through wilderness areas and forsets etc? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.   Happy riding all.

started by: Ultimatron · last update: 1450126038 · posted: 1446129646

Is it possible to do pony trekking anywhere on the outskirts of the city? Or just horse riding around a menage at a push.

started by: Ultimatron · last update: 1448491427 · posted: 1445596496

Is there a guided tour (not too strenuous) around the most interesting points of the city by bike?

started by: Belgianwaffler · last update: 1446739826 · posted: 1446036115

Does anyone know of a place that can repair the gears and brakes on my moutain bike please?

started by: Kartoffelkopf · last update: 1445951149 · posted: 1445378859

Are there cross-fit sessions in the Friedrichshain area that anyone knows about? Thanks in advance for your help.

started by: