Long Ride On Horseback

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 I am planning a Long Ride on horseback for charity from Southern Denmark to Southern Spain starting in April 2017 and I am looking for local advise and information on riding in Germany, particularly riding on roads, tracks and whether there are bridleways etc. Would i be allowed to ride through wilderness areas and forsets etc? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.   Happy riding all.


Berlina1 1450182995

That sounds enormous fun! Not being a rider myself I can't offer much advice, but I would like to offer you my support!

Horseman Extraordinaire 1450201840

Hi Berlina1,

Thank you very much. Yes it is quite a project and will take a year plus to plan and organise and of course get myself and two horses fit and the horses will need special training. I will ride one and lead a packhorse, alternating each day.

I have tried Googling Bridleways and laws regarding riding on public roads in Germany to no avail. Maybe because I do not write German. At this time any help with this would be most welcome.

Pity you do not ride as I am inviting people to join me for 2 to 4 days at their own expense and for a donation to Canmcer Research.

Thanks again for offering support







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