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Hi, I've just moved to Berlin (Schöneberg) from Scotland and I'm hoping to find people and places to play badminton and basketball with/at, so I don't end up turning into a couch potato. I can't claim to be great at either sport but I'm reasonable. I look forward to hearing from you

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I want to join a new gym to meet people. Any recommendations?

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Does anyone know of a nice swimming pool which you can actually swim in that's not full of screaming kids splashing you all the time?

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Don't get me wrong, I love Berlin but want to escape for a bit of rock climbing and hiking and the Teufelsberg just doesn't do it for me week after week. Any suggestions of some place to visit at weekends or anyone interested in enjoying life outside the office??

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We are having a party and want to make Margarita's, I can get Tequila but can I buy a ready lime mix?

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Does anyone know a really good place to watch live sports on tv in Berlin - not just some old dump of a pub?

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Anyone for tennis? Does anyone fancy meeting up for a game of tennis while the weather's nice?

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Does anyone know which big names are expected at this year's ISTAF? Any suggestions on where the best seats are?

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