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Want to fish in Ireland, for Pike, Salmon, Trout or Sea fishing- visit www.ifish.ie for more information on discounted accommodation and general information. 

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Any recommendations for a fencing club in Berlin? Preferably in English and for beginners. Thanks for all leads.

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Hi All, I wanted to know if anyone has obtained a motorboat license for a 4 - 5 meter long boat in Berlin. How do you go about applying for one? Appreciate your replies. Thanks Neville

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Does anyone know a REALLY GOOD place to watch this live on tv and not just some old dump of a pub?

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Where is the place to get sailing lessons here in Berlin? I would prefer English speaking for my German is a bit rusty.

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Another Kenyan broke the record for this year!  http://www.bignewsnetwork.com/index.php/sid/217438691/scat/0b761d844c35f1be

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I've always fancied to try kayaking, does anyone know of somewhere I can go to do it?

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I had just started to play golf and I would like to know where is the best place to go and learn with a coach that wouldn't cost much? I think I need to develop my swing.

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I'm a college student from the US in Berlin for the summer and the basketball court on my corner is usually empty. Looking for people to meet up during the week (days or evenings) to play basketball in the Mitte/Pappelplatz area. All skill levels welcome!

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Skydiving has been on my bucket list for several years now and I would like to be able to scratch it off this year. But I would like to do an indoor diving first. Anyone knows of a center that offers this?

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My parents will be spending 2 weeks with us by September. They've seen most of Berlin and would like to see surrounding areas. Any recommendations for places interesting? Preferably something not too far, as we would like to return to Berlin every night. Potsdam is one place we're thinking of exploring. Any other place?

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Looking for wall climbing venues in Berlin -- can be either indoor or outdoor. For a friend who'll be visiting. Thanks for the recommendations.

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Hey there, anyone knows a place to play squash in Berlin? Thanks.

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Hi. Does anyone know of a softball/baseball team I could join here in Berlin?

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Does anyone know of a table tennis (ping pong) club or organization in Prenzlauer Berg?

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Where will the Ashes be played for this year? 

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A group of friends and I are planning to play beach volley over the weekend. Any suggestions for a nice venue in or near Freidrichshain? 

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Does anyone know of a club that offers croquet lessons? Doesn't matter if free or paid. Thanks.    

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My nephew will be visiting anytime soon and I would like to challenge him to a round of mini golf (he beat me when we last visited him). I'm afraid I don't know any here in Berlin so I would appreciate any recommendations.

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Is there a dragon boat racing club here in Berlin? I'm interested in joining one.

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